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Discipline and communication

Parenting Videos Online - Episode 2

Episode 2: Communication and discipline

There is a lot to consider when you tackle a topic that so many of us struggle with when it comes to our kids -discipline! What do we think of the naughty corner? Some parents swear by it while others won’t use it. Tune in to hear some different points of view. Speech pathologist, Gillian Fong, also drops in to discuss communication and what’s normal when it comes to speech.

Episode 2 Children discipline

Entertaining kids

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What it means to be a mum

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Preparing the family for a new baby

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Guests include:

  • Psychologist, Helen Reese
  • Speech Pathologist, Gillian Fong
  • Television presenter, Lea Wilson
  • Cristine Kelman, mum of an active toddler.

Q&A session:

Speech pathologist, Gillian Fong, has answered questions posed by Huggies Club members about their child’s speech and language development. What is normal and when should you intervene?

Read on for more information and to watch each of the segments from the show.

Managing behaviour positively

If there is one topic that almost all parents find hard to manage it’s – how to discipline your child? Professional Psychologist, Helen Reese, joins us for a chat on communication and behavioural issues. The girls chat about managing behaviour in a positive way, how to set structure and boundaries for your little ones and the importance of mum and dad being consistent and following through.

Different discipline techniques

So your child has a screaming tantrum at your local shopping centre; what do you do? Do you deal with it then and there or at home? What about the Super Nanny’s naughty corner; what do we really think of it? The truth is, there are lots of different techniques available for disciplining a child. The girls chat about using ‘time out’, having to leave places early, the naughty corner and more. It’s not all about the bad behaviour either. They look at ways of rewarding good behaviour and using positive reinforcement effectively.

speech – when is it normal for kids to start?

When a baby says their first word and starts talking is one of those milestones that parents love to compare and boast about. It’s really good for all of us to know when it’s normal for kids to start and how to help them develop their language. Speech Pathologist, Gillian Fong, guides us through issues like when to stop the baby talk, talking a bit above the level of your child and ways to encourage your child to speak.

Books on family matters and speech

Brett, from the Huggies BookClub, drops in with some great reading suggestions on the topics of speech and family matters. If you would like to buy any of the books featured in this segment just visit the Huggies BookClub anytime. All books are discounted for Huggies Club Members and delivery is free to anywhere in Australia.

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