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Disposable Mats

Our disposable Change Mats and Bed Mats are convenient to use, allowing you to throw away the mat with the mess. Featuring a soft absorbent top to contain any accidents.

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Huggies Change Mats

Huggies Change Mats have a soft absorbent top and non-stick backing to give head to toe protection for your little one at change time. Huggies Change Mats make it easy to dispose of messes – no carrying around smelly mats or having to do a soak and wash when you get home. You can be completely mobile with a large clean surface at your fingertips to change your baby on the go. Find out more

Bed Mats

DryNites® Bed Mats are highly absorbent with a waterproof backing to keep the mattress dry. Plus, the peel-off adhesive back sheet secures the Bed Mat to the mattress keeping it in place for night-long protection. In the morning, the Bed Mat can be simply removed and disposed of with the minimum of fuss. Find out more

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