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Melissa Brown

Why can't people live without instagram?

Do you think people are addicted to social media and really need the attention from this social m...

5 replies

The way of conducting with other people around the world. There are many people looking for some unique services in this digital wor...


New management software which is best in medicine?

Hey guys, I've been in this industry for over 10 years, and now we're at the point wher...

2 replies

The medical center that I am going to also started to use some new software for easier case management. They started to use it, for ...


My child plays CS GO

Hi all guys, I'm a big fan of CS GO and I need skins. I want to go through a new level in th...

2 replies

I`m not sure that roulette is the optimal decision to get skins. Its better to play and get skins for your lvl up or even trade skin...


workers compensation

my friend injured his leg working on a new building, what should he do?

2 replies

I also have problems with my shoulder, I got injured at work. The contract states that industrial injuries are paid for by the compa...



Hi! What about the balloon deliveries? Do we have any good company here, in the U.S.? I don’t kn...

1 reply

Hello! I’ve asked my colleague and he said that he ordered balloons many times from different suppliers. However, during last year h...

Melissa Brown

Do you have a favorite skin care line for anti-aging and dry skin

I would like to know if any of you have found a really good skincare line for those of you who ha...

2 replies

Many people prefer to use this cream and unique face masks, and I yoga. I'm not talking about ordinary yoga, but about Facial E...


Should I try keto diet?

Have you ever tried keto diet? What was the effect?

2 replies

Hello everybody! I have been overweight since childhood, and I have been struggling with it for a long time. I tried many times to f...


Books by Trimester

For all you mamas-to-be - I hope this is helpful! When I was pregnant back in 2020, I read anythi...

1 reply

Awesome blog! Thank you!