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Hi Girls Thought I would pop in for a bit, haven't been in for a while. Cooper still hasnt rolled over yet but he is very close. Hubby is playing with him at the moment so it has given me a little time to myself. We went away for the weekend to a party in Brisbane, by the time we got there coop was ready for bed but he partied on til midnight with a 10 min cat nap cheecky boy. But I must say he slept through til 7:50am yeh it is the most sleep I have had since he was born. The poor bub got past around, he loved all the attention. Well better go will chat later

yeap time for a feed will talk to you girls soon bye

Yeah they said that he would be behind with all of his mild stones just glad he is healthy, there is definatley nothing wrong with his lungs we have just woken up so might have to go soon.

We called our little man Cooper, they are soo cute when they start to giggle cooper hasn't quiet begun to giggle, I was a little worried but the nurse at the clinic said not to worry as he was born 5 weeks early he may not be ready to laugh yet, but he big beautiful smiles

Hi Staceyb18 sound like you are very dedicated good for you. having children really opens your eyes hey. Good luck with every thing hope everything works out for you

Hi Teenazbc My little man will be 15 weeks tomorrow. Time has gone soo quick. Your 3 kids look very cute how old are they

Thanks I m from warwick in QLD

Hi StaceyB18 I have completed my Cert 111 and Diploma, and have almost finished my advanced diploma. I am currently the Director of a childcare centre, I have a 15 week ds and have gone back to work. I love working with the children and their families in my centre, it requires a lot of team work, dedication and respect to the children and family. If you are employed as an assistant be prepared to do lots of cleaning unless you are luck enough to have cleaners at your centre. I have found it a little difficult going back to work but we have found a routine that has worked for us. Don't won't to scare you but alot of people enter the childcare industry thinking that all they will be doing is playing with the children. There is lost more to it than just babysitting. And it is true we don't get much thanks for all the hard work we put in Good Luck if you want any more advice please don't hesitate to ask

Hi girls do you mind if I join in my Ds is sleeping atm and have a little spare time

Hi Girls Mind if I join. Ds is sleeping atm so have a bit of spare time, on my hands