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Thanks for all the advice girls he had green poos all last night so I went and saw my CHN and she explained that it could be a range of things, so that put my mind at ease he seems to be back to him self today and his poo is back to normal colour. Thanks for all your help Bye for now

Thanks mars that eases my mind a little if it is still green tomorrow I will contact my MHN thanks for your help

Hi Mars we started farex the other day but he hasn't had any in the last 2 days, and he hasnt had any panadol could it have been something i have eaten

Hi Just wondering if it is normal for a breastfeed baby to have some green poo, Ds is almost 5 months and normally has yellow poo. I am really worried as this is not normal for him. Does any one know what could possible be causing this

Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My Ds has always had yellow poo, he is breastfeed and has just had a green mucus poo. Just wondering if some knows what this would be from

Hi Girls How is every one today? Well I tried Cooper on Farex the other night and he loved it so in the mornings now I have to give him his first other wise he tries to eat mine. Well we have had another trip to the doctors, I feel as though we live there and are constantly giving them money, How dear is it to go now they must be raking it in. Any way Cooper has had a little wheeze on his chest, the doc checked him over and she said he has a fat happy wheeze little chubbers get it. But she sent us for an x-ray just in case and it came back all clear thank goodness. getting Cooper to sit still for the x-ray was very interesting but I managed. Sorry to drag on but it is a very boring day it has been cold and wet all day. Well better go and put tea on have a good one everyone

Hi Liam's Mumma good to hear from you. The girls are right Liam will roll over in his own time, we didn't expect cooper to roll over yet he was playing on his mat when a toy fell above his head he turned to reach for it and rolled over, we were very shocked. Cooper was born on the 30th march When was Liam born? I am going to try cooper on farex tonight so that will be very interesting I will let you know how I go! Have a good afternoon chat soon

Hi All Guess what Cooper rolled over from back to belly on Friday night, we were lucky enough to have had the video camera out and caught his first roll on camera, we were soo excited that we called grandparents and aunty and uncles. He thought he was soo clever and now we can't stop him every chance he gets he rolls over and smiles and has a good old giggle at himself. We havent been able to roll back yet and get very frustrated so we roll him back over and what does he do roll straight back. Cooper is finally getting over his cold he had to have antibiotice to help him though, it seems to be every where at the moment, soo many babies are getting sick it is very scary. I have been that worried that I have just been staying at home and not going anywhere as I am scared of him getting really sick. Any way better go Chat later

Hi Girls How has every one been, we have been very busy and haven't been able to pop in. Cooper has been a little sick with one of those naughty winter colds. We had our needles on monday and boy did he scream, poor little man. He was really good after wards but the next day he was miserable, with high temp and just really grizzly. Well better go time for a feed. Good to see everyone is doing well have a great day everyone

Hi Alex My milk supply is running low I have tried expressing and regular feeding, drinking lots of water and rest, I can't swallow tablets and really want to continue feeding my little man. do you have any suggestions for increasing my milk supply.