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Hi All It has been awhile since my last post, sounds like a confession doesn't it HEEHEE. any way cooper is finally sitting on his own yah but still gets the wobbles. Just wondering if someone could help me, Im trying to ween cooper to a bottle as I have to head back to work in the next few months he will drink a little but then gags and almost vomits from the taste of the formula and then just screams, is there any formula that is close to the taste of breast milk?. Does any one have any suggestion on wening from breast feeding to formula and bottle feeding? PLEASE HELP

Hi ruffone You poor thing, I know exactly how you feel my 5 1/2mth old is the same it is nothing for me to be up every 1-2 hours. Cooper is breast feed and eats heaps of solids during the day and still it does not make any difference in the his sleeping patterns. Does Jessica sleep much during the day? Cooper has maybe 3hours during the day at 1/2 hour at a time if I'm lucky. I have tried everything from giving him a bath before bed, giving feeds to top him up before bed, you name it I have tried it. I guess some lucky mums are blessed with sleepers and others like us are blessed with ones who like to keep us awake just for the fun of it Heehee. good luck if you find anything that works let me know i thought i was the only one with non sleeper. Every one else I know have great sleepers. talk soon Deb

Hi All Just an update on Coop Well Cooper has an ear infection poor little man he is in soooo much pain just screaming off and on, the doctor gave him antibiotics.Still think he has teeth coming in as well. Just our luck off for holidays and my little angel is sick. Any way I got him weighed today he is 17 pounds pretty good considering he was 5 weeks premie. he is doing everything he should be. Chat later

Hi Girls Good to see everyone is doing well. Well I finally got my ticker after about 4 weeks of trying. Anyway just an update on Coop. He has his 6 month needles on friday, we have to get them a week early as we are heading away on holidays to Ballina for 2 weeks, our first camping trip with our little man, should be fun. He is starting to sit on his own but often has a crash, I think he is starting to get his first tooth he is bitting everything he can get his hands on and dribble, I think I could almost fill a water bottle with the amount he is dribbling. Well we are off to the doctor again I think he might have an ear ache he has been pulling at it and screaming, poor little man. Chat later Have a great afternoon everyone xoxox

Hi Girls Thanks for all the suggestions, I will definately look into all of them, hee hee would love to do some ironing, unfortinatly their is not much call for that where I come from everyone seems to already have their ironing ladies, It is such a big decision to make to go back to work or stay at the childcare centre I work for isn't very flexible to family life, they are a big company and really just couldnt care. but never mind will have to decied soon will let you all know who I go and what I have choosen to do thanks again everyone

Hi Just wondering if anyone works from home, if so what do you do, as I would really like to work from home and not have to put bub into care to go back to work deb

Morning March Mummies How is everyone this morning. Well I tried cooper on vegies and he loves them, he eats 2 teaspoons each night,but he has now gone off his farex, I gave him a Arrowrot biscuit yesterday to suck on and he loved it. We are still not sleeping any better though, I thought when he started eating solids he would sleep through a little longer but no chance. Well better go and do some shopping for a fathers day pressie I know I have left it to the last min but never mind Chat later have a great day everyone

Hi all How is every one today? Well I went and got cooper weighted today and he is a whooping 16pounds 6oz I can't beleive how big he is now, he will be 5months on thursday, it has gone so fast. Well he is now sitting almost on his own, he can balance for a bit and then loses balance and crashes. We are off on holidays to Ballina for the first time in Septemeber since he was born. I can only imagine the amount on stuff we have to take, luckly we have a 4wd. I have to find something special to wear on thursday as we are going to have pixie photos taken. Oh by the way I think we might be cutting our first tooth. What age did every one start giving vegies to their bubs as I am a little confused, I have started farex but not vegies and the clinic nurse said I shouldn't be feeding him anything except breastmilk. Anyway better go talk soon

I have tried for weeks now to get my ticker to work but cant seem to. Can anyone help me

Hi I was hoping to catch up with anyone who had their bub in St Vincient Hospital in Toowoomba around the 30th March 2007 and wanting to chat