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HI Girls How is every one today, oh Joey how rude is that doc Ryan sounds very health and cute, I just had cooper weighed he was 17 pound 11 oz didn't but on much weight over the last 4 weeks but he has grown really long. I asked the clinic nurse if she had any suggestions on weaning cooper to a bottle as I am still having trouble checky boy, anyway she said what do you want to do that for, I told her that I have to return to work in december and that I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks, she said thats ok you can still bf, but I really want to wean him, just cant seem to get him to drink the bottle, I have tried every temp and teat but no go, he doesnt mind the taste of the formula but just wont drink it. So she was no help at all, don't know what else to do.

Hi Girls Well cooper is doing ok with the bottle, he manages to drink about 50mls of formula before each bf so he is gradually coming around. The first couple he cried and screamed it made me cry to I was so upset because he was so sad. But anyway thanks for the suggestions and support girls, we have found the teat he likes the best and hopefully the formula, but I will be very sad the day he is completely weaned, I think breast feeding is the most wonderful expereience, but as many as you know work calls. But get this I work in childcare as a Director, I let them know that I was returning to work after 12 months and that I wanted a spot kept for Cooper, I went in to see them and they do not have a spot for him for 6 months UNBELEIVABLE!!!but they still want me to come back. talk about cranky anyway mum has offered to look after him. Sorry about the long post but just had to vent that last bit.

Hi Tassie Mum cooper will drink water and breast milk from the bottle but will not drink the formula we have tried a few different formulas but no go. I have even tried half breast milk and half formula but he wouldn't even drink that.

Good morning Ladies how are we this morning. How lucky are you RolyPoly I would love daylight savings

Thats great well have a good day hope Rhylie chears up for you Bye

I agree just having mine now, and I even get to enjoy it as cooper has just put him self to sleep yah, time to kick back and watch sunrise.

I used to think the same about coffee now Iam addicted, I have coffee every day probably not good for me but what is these days. Well I'm not up to much today, might go shopping and visit my sister she is having her 3rd bub next tuesday, When are you getting married? Morning Dee

Heehee I know how you feel. Im not a morning person at all so a strong coffee is on the menu for breaky this morning, and possibly a morning sleep if I'm lucky enough for cooper to go back to bed.

Morning Liesh Rhylie's mum how are you this morning

Morning mind if I join in cooper has been awake since 4:00am, Im sooo tired but he is full of energy.