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Hehe we I think my little man has hit the teriable 2s already and he is only 10 months. Wow Bundie is a long way a way but it is a beautiful place and would be great place to live. We live in good old Warwick, I would love to move but I think we will stay everything is so close and easy and most of my family is still living here.

hi lukes*mum Yeah you will do lol lol Your little man is very cute, do you live in toowoomba?

Hi just wanting to get in contact with any one who has had a bub around the 30th march in St vinicents hospital

Hi Taz27 Cooper was the same would take water and nothing else I tried adding small amounts of breast milk to the water just to get him used to the taste and gratually increased the amount until he was drinking staight breast milk. I then did the same with his formula by adding small amounts to the breast milk until it was all formula. Hope this helps deb

Hi Ladies Hope you don't mind me dropping in, I had exactly the same problem with my little man. I breastfeed him exclusively for 7 months and went through the same thing I tried every teat and bottle available and formula as well. I also tried having other people give him the bottle with no success. I have only now stopped breastfeeding and he is 10 months old and even now he still doesn't drink a full bottle. I found that the tommy tippee closer to nature bottles were the best as they are really soft and are supposed to be very close to being like a breast and cooper only took to lactogen formula which you can buy from woolies. Cooper was really hard to wean but I persisted and slowly cut back his feeds, so it has taken me 3 months to fully wean him to a bottle. Sorry for such a long post by the way our clinic nurse was no help at all so I just did it on my own. So if you need any support I am hear cause I know how emotional and stress full it can be. Hope this helps Deb

Hi All It has been ages since I have posted anything here How is every one going, Well cooper is 8 1/2 months old. He has grown heaps. Just wondering if any one has any recipes for dinners for our little ones, as Cooper has gone off everything and just will not eat. I have been racking my brain for new ideas but to no avail. Well will chat soon just though I would catch up with everyone. chat soon xoxox

Hi All How is every one today, Well Cooper has finally managed to army crawl, he is so quick, we have had to put every thing away and out of reach. We now have 2 teeth, and I think more are on the way. Well back to work tomorrow for 4 hours a day 3 days a week. I went to the doctors the other day as Cooper has a lazy eyelid when he gets tired it is really noticable so the doc thought we should see an eye specialist just incase it is his eye, anyway I called to see when we could make and appointment, and the lady said not til July next year. OMG how busy are they, that is a long time to wait especially if there is something wrong with his eye. Well enought rambling just thought I would give you guys an update Chat soon xoxox

Hi All How is every one? Well cooper went for his first sleep over at nannies last night, as I had to go to my friends hens night, Well I was soo sad when he left and I missed him like crazy. But he had a really great night and so did I, a few to many cocktails though , it is the first drink in about 2 years, so it didnt take many before my head was spinning. Well cooper is trying to crawl but still just hasnt got it, he has finally cut through 2 bottom teeth he looks so cute. well not much more to report will chat soon bye xoxox

Hi fi76 Your more than welcome, if you need any advice just message me. I really hope for your sake that the bully leaves after xmas, and I agree how hard is it to teach them no. Well Coop wakes for a feed at around 10 is then the rest of the time he just needs settling I have tried everything but to now avail, a friend suggested controlled crying but I really dont like that idea. He has been like this ever since he was born, the nurses certainly had their hands full in the scn in hospital when he was born, they would call me and tell me he was awake again so off I would go to the hospital to feed or settle him at all hours 10 min drive. But I guess he is just no good at sleeping. I am hoping he will be worn out when I go back to work cause I know I will be. Any way better go he just woke up. Will chat soon

Hi All well just an update on cooper, OMG teeth are driving me crazy poor little man they were coming up and down but have finally come through 2 bottom little munchers, and are very sharp. Well he is pushing himself up on all fours and rocking back and forth how cute. Well you girls are so lucky having bubs sleep through to 5 or 6 cooper is still waking up about 5 times a night talk about sleep deprived. I am back to work in 2 weeks dont wont to go back will be very sad and probably have a cry but anyway that the way life is. fi76 poor Isaac is he ok, the girls at the centre should be keeping a very close eye on the little bitter, and intervene when he or she is getting to close to another child, you have every right to be upset. I understand as I am a director at a childcare and deal with bites, however I would be speaking with the Director at your centre and checking out why this is happening so frequently. Good luck and I hope Isaac is ok Chat soon