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Well girls had better go to bed now that Greys is over, next week looks every exciting. Did we want to meet again next week same time and place Nite all


oh that really suxs, sorry but we probably ruined the story line for you, what time is it coming on

I know I usually do to but this one was really big.... Have you seen that Samantha Who I thought it was a fizzer, I was disappointed

How old did that baby look it certainly not a premie

I know I only saw the add yesterday, every ad that I saw before that all said coming back in 08 or something like that I thoughts that they would advertise more. Especially for such a popular show

omg how gross is that arm lolol I agree to many interns, I feel so sorry for George having to do his internship again, how hard would that be.

Hi Girls Good to see some greys fans. Guess what I missed the every last episode of last season, we had to go out so Im trying to understand what is going on. Moo & bubbles Mama B where do you live cause here is qld cricket is on channel 9

Hi anyone up for a chat for a bit

Hi Ness 5 You poor thing I think that weaning is the most stressfull event, I can handle him crying but just trying to get them to try it omg, I cried more than what he did. Cooper was the same he would never drink a full bottle but I just started at the smallest amount of formula that you can mix (measurements on the can) then as he drank that I increased to the next amount, it was a long and stressfull 3 months but now he drinks 220ml of formula, but still trys to get some booby but there is no going back. I finally have my boobs back although they are definately not the same as before I had him lol lol.....