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Hi all just thought I would pop in to say hi, I am a little bored, we stayed home all day today due to raining weather. DS was all smiles today but seemed grumpy in between smiles. but no matter how cranky he is he is still beautiful and I could watch him all day but house work calls so better go bye for now

Hi there I have a 9week old ds for the fist 7 weeks he pooed after each feed I to have begun giving 1 formula feed a day for the last 2 weeks he only pooes once every 3-4 days. I wonder if this is normal as I am really worried

Hi Shnooky My ds was born the same day as Atayiika, Cooper had his 2 month needles on tuesday I don't know who was more upset him or me. You are very lucky your little man is sleeping through, cooper wakes every 3 hours for a feed, I hope Atayiika continues to sleep through for you


Hi all Hope you don't mind me dropping in I'm only new to the huggies forum, I was just wondering if some one could tell me where I can get Fenugreek tablets and tea from as Iam having the same problem with my 2 month old ds he seems to be feeding every hour and still seems hungry after his feed and have to subsitute with formula which I really do not like doing

Hi My labour went for 10 and a half hours, my waters broke at midnight and we went to the hospital straight away we forgot my bags as we were in such a rush, my ds was due on the 2nd may but arrived 5 weeks early, as we are from a country town they had to transfer me by ambulance to a larger hospital an hour away it was the roughest drive i have ever experienced, we arrived at the hospital and I spent about an hour in the shower then in the bath by 7:30am i had an epidural which was great my ds was born at 10:30am it was a great experience and would do it again.

Hi all This is my first time on the huggies forum, I have a ds 8 weeks old, it was a little bit of a shock when he was born as he arrived 5 weeks early and had to spend time in the special care nursery with a feeding tube down his nose it was a very scary experience. He was due the 2nd of may, I am adjusting to parent hood very well, would love to hear from some other parents who have had the same experience.

Hi Carole My 8 week old ds was very congested and would wake himself up with a bloked nose i used little fess nose drops and rubbed baby balsm you can purchase it from the chemist and supermaket. these both worked really well and the lavander in the baby balsm helped him sleep. good luck

Hi My ds is 8 weeks old and has an umbilical hernia as well it does not seem to bother him but it looks awful we also have the option of having it removed when he turns 1 and i think we will so he will not remember the whole thing but i am very worried about him having an operation, just being an over protective mother is suppose