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Where are you early buddy? Lock Rss

Morning mind if I join in cooper has been awake since 4:00am, Im sooo tired but he is full of energy.[/img][/url]

Morning Liesh Rhylie's mum how are you this morning[/img][/url]

err im awake does that count for anything lol
Heehee I know how you feel. Im not a morning person at all so a strong coffee is on the menu for breaky this morning, and possibly a morning sleep if I'm lucky enough for cooper to go back to bed.[/img][/url]

Good Morning Everyone:)]


ewwww i hate coffee i tried to drink it but its just wrong haha. i am ment to be seeing a friend today but i duno if she is coming over or what. think i may go pick my wedding dress up today\

morning dee
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I used to think the same about coffee now Iam addicted, I have coffee every day probably not good for me but what is these days. Well I'm not up to much today, might go shopping and visit my sister she is having her 3rd bub next tuesday, When are you getting married?

Morning Dee[/img][/url]

hehe-Coffee ROCKS!!!! Just about to go make one now!!!
16th feb 08. getting things organised finaly.
well im gonna get dressed and go over to mums. rhylie is having another sooky day and im buggered so she can help out hehe, she is great. plus i can walk down the road and see my friend that came out of hosp the other day
Well i have been up since 4.30 i have watched the sponge bob movie. Organised a flyer for my business and now i thought i would talk to you lovely ladies. Oh and it's only 7 am god i need another cuppa that will make it 4.
I agree just having mine now, and I even get to enjoy it as cooper has just put him self to sleep yah, time to kick back and watch sunrise.[/img][/url]

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