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wanting to chat Lock Rss

just ignore me if this is too old is everyone here? i'm 23
I am 26

i'm 24
does anybody work?
Can't believe how long my little one has been asleep for. I guess she is catching up from the lack of sleep she had last night.

I work, I am back doing a few hours a week and can build up as slow or fast as I want. However I would love a nightfill job.

My bubba has only just started sleeping through. I had to get some natural stuff for her ( called baby calm). Last week she has been sleeping well.
i was 52kg before jacob gained 50kg (high blood pressure and medications to thank for that) and got down to 78kg...isabelle don't know cos i'm back to 78-80kg up and down up and down!
Yeah I would like to find some part time been applying but nothing as yet. Not qualified enough even for traineeship these days
my baby wakes all night she's not breatfeeding anymore but is a pain cos i think she wakes to be fed even though she's not hungry...annoying.
I stopped breast feeding for that reason she just wanted to suckle all night.
i'm doing tupperware occasionly, i'd like to start my own buisness. i'm a sewer and was going to make kids clothes...even thinking about baby shoes
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