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wanting to chat Lock Rss

my auntie lives in bundaberg! is that near??
bit far away to catch up for a play LOL
oops maybe its childers? i forget now
They both are a distance away. But yeah the same state.

it sucks. my dp just came back from hobart today
we only just moved here about 3 months ago I love it!!!
I heard it is very nice there. i would love to go on holidays there. One day.

where about in hobart u from
where u move from?
to tassie teenazbc?
We are at Old Beach and moved from Smithton. How many kids do you have?
Yeah. one day. We had friends that went last year and said it was great. There is so much of Australia that I would love to vist/ I would really like to vist Perth as well.

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