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All kids do things in there own time. All three of mine were different. Charotte reminds me of my first as she is so alert, where my second child Breanna was a baby for so long.
I hope Cooper did not have to stay in hospital for too long born 5 weeks early. I have a friend and her little one was 5 weeks early, she has since had her second that was 10 weeks early, that was pretty scary. All my babies like to come late the little pains, Charlotte had to be induced on her 10th day overdue.

he goes to day care once a week...would love him in more but cant affod it at moment
hey ladies I am from Hobart can I join in?? Bub is sleeping and Dora is babysitting eldest LOL
Yeah they said that he would be behind with all of his mild stones just glad he is healthy, there is definatley nothing wrong with his lungs we have just woken up so might have to go soon.[/img][/url]

I am the same, Bre goes one day but would love for her to go a second day too. I am hoping I can find a night fill job soon so may be able to send her two days. I pay less for my son to go to a private school, it is crazy.

Gotta love Dora, she is our friend too.

yeap time for a feed will talk to you girls soon bye[/img][/url]

How old are your little ones.

Hey ally where abouts do you live?
I am in Elimbah half way between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

they are 13months and 3 in November
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