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i like the name of my friends is planning to have a baby next year, she's going to name her babay if its a girl charlotte...she thinks its funny cos when she marrys her man they will be webb! charlotte webb!
Thats great, I love that movie very cute.

My seven year old thinks the name Charlotte is great because of the movie.

Thanks I m from warwick in QLD[/img][/url]

Coops mum I see you are a new mum, how old is your little one?

we have troubles with spitting and weeing on bedroom floor at moment....he is very hyper and wants lots of att.
i cant keep him happy, i know he's bored but i'm running out of things to do. he needs to see more kids but i dont know anyone with the same age kids
Is there any kids activities in your area, I found that really good for my boy when he was that age. We had a thing called mini sports which was an introduction to sports for toddlers. It was great for Zac as he was and still is a very active kid. It was also good for meeting new kids. I still keep him busy now with sport. He has fallen in love with football so h does that three times a week.

Hi Teenazbc

My little man will be 15 weeks tomorrow. Time has gone soo quick. Your 3 kids look very cute how old are they[/img][/url]

there is soccor but its for 4 yrs
Zachary is seven, Breanna is 3 and Charlotte is 3 months tomorrow. So we have littlies who are the same age nearly. Charlotte is great my best so far. Third time lucky I guess. She has just started to really laugh. She does these huge giggles when you tickle her on the belly, it is so cute. What did you call your little one?


that sucks about soccer. It is hard finding things for the littlies to do. Does he go to daycare or anything like that.

We called our little man Cooper, they are soo cute when they start to giggle cooper hasn't quiet begun to giggle, I was a little worried but the nurse at the clinic said not to worry as he was born 5 weeks early he may not be ready to laugh yet, but he big beautiful smiles[/img][/url]

jacob was born 3 1/2 weeks early. and he was about 3weeks behind all the progress stuff....laughing smiling and fine motor skills
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