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Has anybody completed or in the process of doing certificate III in children's services. If so i'd love to hear your opinions on it. I'm looking at enrolling today but am a very indecisive person so would like some feedback if possible. Its through thompson education. Thanks smile
I've done both my Cert 3 an dDiplmoa in Children's Services and been working in the indusrty for a loong time!! I love it but it's not for everyone. I know alot of people that decide to do it when they have children thinking it's easy (working with children - not the course) and they are often very supprised. Don't let me scare you off though it is a very rewarding and challenging job and NO it's not just babysitiing. I don't think we get enough respect from parents - infact quite sick of all the neg. comments on here about child care..

Sorry to ramble... if you need a hand or have any questions, just give me a PM....

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Pretty sure thats what I did before getting my Teachers Aide Certificate, I've done quite a few courses!

What's a teacher's aide certificate?
Hello, I did my cert 3 part time from home. It took me 5 yrs in between having my children!! Tafe ran weekly lectures/discussions which I found invaluable. It took me approx one week to finish an assignment. The hardest part was trying to find time to do the temp work, I am yet to go back to work part or full time, & now that my family is finished I don't think I will follow this path, good for a back up though.

Hi, I did my Cert III Childrens Services through thompson as well, I took the full 3 yrs and I loved it, I did have times when I got a bit behind but I am a very disorganised person and was hopeless at making the time to do it.
They are great to deal with and very helpful.
Since I completed I have left work when I had DD but I still work casual.
The only problem I have found with Cert III is that most workplaces want you to have a diploma so I am looking into doing that at the moment.
Thanks heaps for all your replies. I would like to ask, whats it like working in childcare and also caring for your own family? I love looking after, caring and teaching children and i would only like to work part time because i also love being at home with my family.

Jess G, do you have to complete your certificate III before enrolling in a diploma?
I'm from SA and here there is apparently about an 80% drop out rate in this course. (I was one of them!!!) I didn't mind the course, it was just really repetitive and I found something else I wanted to do while I was still doing it.
Hi Stacey, I only worked part time and I loved it but everyones different.
With the diploma I think it depends on where you do the course, my supervisor at work said she did hers as a combined course through TAFE, which is where I am looking at doing mine
Hi Stacey,

Just a suggestion: If you're not sure if you want to enrol in the course, why don't you contact a local child care centre and see if you can go in and observe them at work or even do some work experience first so you're sure it's what you want to do? I'm sure any centre would be happy for you to do that.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Hi StaceyB18

I have completed my Cert 111 and Diploma, and have almost finished my advanced diploma. I am currently the Director of a childcare centre, I have a 15 week ds and have gone back to work. I love working with the children and their families in my centre, it requires a lot of team work, dedication and respect to the children and family. If you are employed as an assistant be prepared to do lots of cleaning unless you are luck enough to have cleaners at your centre. I have found it a little difficult going back to work but we have found a routine that has worked for us. Don't won't to scare you but alot of people enter the childcare industry thinking that all they will be doing is playing with the children. There is lost more to it than just babysitting. And it is true we don't get much thanks for all the hard work we put in

Good Luck if you want any more advice please don't hesitate to ask smile[/img][/url]

I have wanted to work in childcare long before i had my son and i'm really dedicated to helping children learn, laugh and grow. I am also ready for the challanges along the way. I have done work experience in a child care centre and i really enjoyed it. Being a mother i realise a lot more now, that there is more to playing and entertaining. My whole life consists of mess, cleaning, pooey nappies, patience tested and obviously spending quality time with my son. I love every single minute of it and i think i do a great job. I figure if i do decide to take this path and realise at the end that its not for me than at least i have gained skills which can help me in my every day life with my child/children. Thanks for all your replies smile
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