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I came across this deal, it's mostly survey courses for middle and high school students, courses range from Grade 6 to Calculus II. If for some reason Khan Academy or some other provider is not your cup of tea, you can use this or use it as a supplement to other resources.
And what do you think about homeschool education?
I think it's good.
I think it's all good, man.
Great, I'm just thinking about what courses my eldest son should take. As a person with higher education, I believe that every child should develop from childhood and in the future become a specialist and an intelligent person in their field. I still have a younger daughter, who recently turned 5 years old, and I think I have already started teaching her a preschool program. And I was even advised by my work colleague to check out this company . And I think it's worth trying to read a little more information about preschool education.. Thank you again for your information!
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