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After some reassurance Lock Rss

I have two dogs so i am all for kids growing up around animals.

However, my MIL, who looks after my DD for a few hours a couple of times a week, has just moved onto a property that is dual living and the lady owner has 4 dogs, one of which is a staffy, the other a rottweiler plus two smaller dogs (i think ones a jack russell but not sure of the 4th one)

Anyway, long story short, the rotty apparently killed 3 chooks yesterday and my MIL says she loves the rotty because "it takes you by the hand and leads you where he wants to go"

These two things are very concerning to me because DD is only just 2 and very small (perfect bite level for a rotty to her face!) and i dont know these dogs from a bar of soap.

They roam the property and although there is a small courtyard where DD can be enclosed away from the dogs, if they wanted to, they could jump down into it (its a split level type setting and they look down into the courtyard)

My dilemma is that I dont want to stop my DD from going there when i need to/when MIL wants her to, but i feel incredibly uncomfortable about the dogs.

I have discussed it with DH and he has said we will have to tell her that if the dogs are outside, DD must stay inside. I agree with this but i dont know if MIL will abide by our wishes as she tends to think we over react.

Would you enforce this rule? I dont know these dogs names, ages, or how much time they have spent with children (if any) but if a rottweiler can kill 3 chooks, it can certainly kill a 2 year old.

Or should i be a real "paranoid" parent and stop her going all together? (which is tempting!)
I'd be the paranoid mummy LOL. Even though I worked with dogs of all breeds and sizes for nearly 20yrs, I still watch my kids around any dog even the ones we've known for years. Dogs can snap at the slightest thing no matter how well-trained they are and to me it's simply not worth the risk.

Sit down with DH and MIL and set out the ground rules....especially after the rotty killed the chooks!!

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OMG! What a horrid situation you are in!! I dont see my MIL very often grin and my mum doesn't have dogs... We also dont have dogs. I am a dog person, but i dont want to get one till my youngest is atleast 2, so i can give it, as it will be a puppy, the attention and training it will need. Anyway thats off the point..Sorry

can you speak to the neighbour and find out if its had any association with kids? and i would expres your worry with your MIL... Goodluck!

My sister and BIL just brought a rotti pup in Jan. I am really worried about ds going there now. I know they think i am over protective but thats my job! I do not trust any dog.

So i have no adivce as i am fighting the same thing.

i''''m baking a baby

we've had our dogs since before DD was born and i still wont leave her unsupervised with them even though i "trust" them (as much as one can trust an animal) so i am definately worried by a strangers dog.

i was hoping i would get to meet them when i went around there this morning but the only one i saw was the staffy, who looks old, and although is probably lovely, is still a snappy dog by nature and very strong and could easily knock down/take a chunk out of my daughter.

I expressed my concerns to my MIL this morning but she kept sweeping it under the rug by saying things like "they are very nice, they are very old, i love them, dont worry they are always behind the gate (which is not true)

My DH doesnt want DD going there at all but it will put a big strain on the relationship and on me as i kind of rely on the break to go to physio once a week (although i would live without it if necessary)

Argh i hate these situations. I am suppose to be dropping DD off there on wednesday afternoon so i will just have to make it very clear what the rules are when i take her and hope that i am able to meet the dogs, and the owner.
no reassurances from me, all those dogs including the juck russel are on the dangerous dogs list.Make sure the rules are strictly enforced we dont want to see you and the owner of the dogs on the news saying he never has attacked anyone before he loves kids( loves biting them is what we always say after we see these on the news).Good luck

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I used to have a Rotty (he has since died of old age) and he was the sweetest most gentle thing i have ever known... I really dont like the "stereo types" that come with certain dogs as it is my belief that they are the product of their environment/owners... My rotty was so gentle with my DS and doted on him day and nite, in saying that- my rotty never killed chooks either, although was never in an environment where he could. (We used to have a DACHSHUND of all things that used to kill chooks, tho he would never harm kids)

I think go with your gut here- if you think that your MIL wont abide by your wishes in keeping your DD inside if the dogs are outside then maybe suggest an alternative place ? Have her come to your house or something instead??
Or - maybe you could go over there to visit your MIL and meet the dogs and watch them - you may have more of an idea/feeling after that?
i am definately not one to judge on breed alone. my two dogs are both dogs that i would consider "dangerous" if they wanted to be. the breed itself is not the issue but certainly doesnt help.
the fact that the rotty has killed chooks means it obviously has the natural instinct to chase/hunt small moving objects, which cant be helped. an animal is an animal. my dogs would probably kill chooks too given the chance.

but the fact that they are not known to me, probably not had much contact with children as its a 60 yr old owner who lives alone on property, and the breed all combined, definately has me worried.

i was hoping to get an idea/feeling for them this morning but wasnt given an opportunity as they were no where to be found ( i have a really bad feeling that MIL may have asked them to be put away when i arrived as she knows im not very happy with the situation)
I think its great that your dh is supporting you on this - and i know it will be difficult for you but i wouldn't be sending my child there - yes it may affect your relationship with your mil, but your priority is to your child - not to your mil - my god, if something was to happen, how would you explain to your child "oh sorry, but wanted to keep nanna happy" - sorry doesn't cut it in my books - your child comes first
- and I would extra concerned about the number of dogs, and this sets off a pack mentality, and if one attacks, there could be a blood bath (like with the dead chicks!)
- yes i have a dog, but our dd has never been left alone with her, and we always supervise when we are in the yard together - i love our dog, but she is a dog and as such, should be treated as one.
I don't judge by the breed of dog either as all dogs can be vicious.
But i am always very wary of dogs i don't know very well or other peoples dogs. My mum has 2 dogs, one is a red kelpie and the other is a little terrier thing. The terrier i don't mind around the kids as she is a gorgeous little dog and just loves the kids to bits but the kelpie we always make sure she is locked up when the kids go around there as i just don't trust her.

I would be worried about how many dogs there are and i would definately talk to the MIL and tell her that you would like the dogs and your children seperate at all times.. Not sure how it would work though, but i would probably make sure that i was there at all times if i didn't think that she would listen to my orders.

There is no way i will let DD in a yard with dogs that arent in a separate gated area, far too risky for me, a friend of mines little boy was viciously attacked by their family dog of 12 years when he was 3 years old. Poor little guys face was ripped to shreds and its something i will never forget and they never thought their family dog would be capable of doing that.
thanks for the replies. i appreciate it and i agree with every one else. i actually hadnt thought about the fact of there being 4 creating some kind of pack mentality if an attack ever occurred but thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.
Im going to talk to DH about it again tonight and try to organise a sit down to discuss our plan. at this point she will only be allowed there if she stays inside unless they can be certain all 4 dogs are locked up. If that is not going to work, she just wont be allowed there. I feel bad being the one to always put a damper on everything but i have to put my childs safety first.

i always hear those stories on the news and its so often a neighbours dog, a family friends dog etc that ends up mauling an innocent child and i just cant risk it happening.
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