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First time Mums Lock Rss

Thats great, i agree this site is a great support net work, although some of the sites /i have been on the people have been really rude. But this one is great. Time has gone soo quickly I cant beleive he is 3 months already.

well better go and put my little man to bed we will be back again sometime tomorrow

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Hi All

Just thought I would drop in to say Hi, Feeling very tired at the moment, Cooper had a really bad night sleep awake almost every hour crying, I think he had a bit of wind. He gets wind really bad some days especially when the weather is windy. which really suxs at the moment cause almost every day last week and today was really windy.

well better go and have a snoze while i can

bye for now[/img][/url]

Hi Coops mum
HOw are you my name is Jenny I am also i first time mum to a almost 3 month old boy
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Hi Girls

Cooper is sleeping atm so thought I would pop in for a bit, the house work can wait LOL I hate doing house work anyway. The house is a little messy but nothing that can't wait a couple of min. He is starting to get a little cold, he has a cough and snuffy nose poor little man, we just can't seem to get rid of the stuffy nose, ever since he was born he has had a stuffy nose. Well we are off to get our 4 month needles on the 23rd, scary stuff as I hate needles at the best of times.

Sorry for the long post but a little bored today. Hubby has a long day at work and won't be home til late so just filling in time.

By the way welcome Claire

Will talk to you all soon[/img][/url]

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