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Hi Kj

I'm a first time mum to a 3 month old baby boy. I am 24 and have been married for 4 years in november. I am currently on maternity leave. I am not sure if i want to return back to work, I am a Director of a childcare centre and have been told that I can not return as director if I don't work full time. If you would like some advice on child care don't hesitate to message me.

Here if you need some one to talk to[/img][/url]

I'll do my usual and give the Family Day Care option a Head's Up!
I'm a first time mum to Seth (6mo)but have been a carer for the past 4 1/2yrs. I was back at work 6wks after having him.

Im a first-time mum to Chelsea who is 11months old. I live in WA with my fiance. Ive also just gone back to work for 2x 6hr days. Would love to chat - my email is: [email protected]
Hi all

Congratulations on returning to work girls. I have to decide by december if I would like to return. Would love to as I miss the kids but would miss my little man even more if I did. Beside the centre I work for doesn't have a space for cooper if I did return I would have to wait about 6 months for a space, so much for looking after staff.

How are you girls coping with work and home life. I'm worried I won't cope if I go back.[/img][/url]

Hello! I'm a 1st time mum to Jamie who has just turned 6mths. We live in Rockhampton. I'm on 12mths maternity leave. I'm planning on going back to work a couple of shifts a week. I work shift work and I'm going to try and get my lovely boss to let me work only day shifts. If not oh well I will have to find something else. My partner works out of town, so that makes things a bit hard sometimes.
Hi Jamies mum

Love your tigger where did you find him. its good to hear from other first time mums, by the sounds of it you have a good boss. Hope he/she lets you work your day shifts. I bet it is really hard for you especially with your partner working out of town.[/img][/url]

Hey coops mum! Thank you! I really can't remember what site I got tigger from. I'm a big fan of tigger! Yeah my boss has been really good to me. He's a family man so he sort of understands, hopefully anyway. I've got some family and really good friends who help me out which is really good at times. Jamie has been a really good baby so far except for last week when we were both sick with the cold. We get by... sometimes!

I'm a big fan tigger as will. Thats sounds like you have a great support net work behind you. You poor things there are lots of colds around at the moment, cooper has a bit of runny nose as well, But hopfully it doesn't turn into a bad cold. Well I have my fingers crossed for you that your boss lets you have those hours you want.

Cooper is only 3 months and has been a really good baby had a little bit of a bumpy start to life but he has really caught up, thank goodness.[/img][/url]

Hi There,

I am a first time mum to 6months old daughter and I do not want to go back to work until my daughter is atleast 1 year old. I would like to watch her grow. And for me its not worth going back to work as with the amount i earn and the amount i will be spending on her childcare and my transport , at the end of the week i am not left with anything. Well for now will enjoy time with my little monster.

Hi Riasmummy

I am in the same boat it doesnt seem worth while going back with the amount i would spend on child care it.and I agree ejoy all the time you can with your daughter as they grow sooo quickly[/img][/url]

Thank you! Hopefully your little guy doesn't get the cold. I really had no idea on how to treat it but in the end I got some really good advice. I found this site to be a really good support network as well. Wow 3mths old, doesn't time go fast.
Hi there KJ!

I'm a first time mum, and loving it!! I amgetting married in May 2008!!

Fortunately DF and I own a company.
So I do all the book-work from home.
I am also a hairdresser/make-up artist/beautician/nail technician- so these are also easy for me to do my friends and family from home!!

I do know that usually you need to book babies into childcare pretty early to get a space.
And yeah, definately take the time to get to know the carers! (I used to work in child care too!!)

Look forward to chatting more!!

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