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  5. bubs in bed and im watching Greys anyone want to chat

bubs in bed and im watching Greys anyone want to chat Lock Rss

How old did that baby look it certainly not a premie[/img][/url]

lol, I tune out whenever I see that human nature add!
I had seen the coming back in 08 ones too.
They seem to really push their brand new shows such as that Samantha Who one and neglect the really good ones like Greys just cos it is season 4
There's heaps of rules about babies being in tv shows so I think it is hard to be realistic
See I like Samantha Who however feel that there is not enough there for a long running series. It's more of a movie genre I think
I know I usually do to but this one was really big.... Have you seen that Samantha Who I thought it was a fizzer, I was disappointed[/img][/url]

Im in country SA

we have channel 10 and 4

10 is like 10 but 4 is mainly 7 but we get the sport from 9 like cricket and football when it was on 9
I didn't see much as I was putting the boys to bed but what I saw didn't encourage me to record it to watch later
oh that really suxs, sorry but we probably ruined the story line for you, what time is it coming on[/img][/url]

DH wants to use the puter so good night girls!

Well girls had better go to bed now that Greys is over, next week looks every exciting.

Did we want to meet again next week same time and place

Nite all[/img][/url]

night JennyWit!

I like the aloofness of Samantha Who. It's a show where I don't need to think LOL
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