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  5. bubs in bed and im watching Greys anyone want to chat

bubs in bed and im watching Greys anyone want to chat Lock Rss


anyone up for a chat for a bit[/img][/url]

It was great to have Greys back. Brothers and Sisters is on now.

Sunday nights are great again.
My little one knows when I want to watch something good like Greys. He goes to bed without a peep every night for the last week except tonight! LOL
arghh im haging out for greys and its not on for another half hour or more yet, still waiting for the cricket to finish

i want greys, that last episode was so emotional i cant wait to see this one
Oh no my kids are all asleep yay.
Hi Girls

Good to see some greys fans. Guess what I missed the every last episode of last season, we had to go out so Im trying to understand what is going on.

Moo & bubbles Mama B where do you live cause here is qld cricket is on channel 9[/img][/url]

ahhh McDreamy...

'I'm the girl from the bar!'

'still want to babysit that arm?' hehehe

however I think that it's a little too busy now with so many interns! They should only have each had ONE intern to look after - MAX. Or they should have paired up so 2 would look after a group of interns... know what i mean?
omg how gross is that arm lolol

I agree to many interns, I feel so sorry for George having to do his internship again, how hard would that be.[/img][/url]

I thought it was strange that they have hardly advertised that it was back on. I never get a tv guide and had only seen the add once for it. Glad I remembered it was on!
JennyWit - I've seen nothing BUT advertising for it on Ch7. It's on the 'Get Ready' ad with Human Nature singing... annoys the CRAPOLA out of me now! However can never seem to stop myself tapping my foot and singing along LOL
I know I only saw the add yesterday, every ad that I saw before that all said coming back in 08 or something like that I thoughts that they would advertise more. Especially for such a popular show[/img][/url]

...think i might watch a little too much Ch7

it's the only one without sport at the moment!!! smile]
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