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  5. bubs born in toowoomba St vinicents at end of march 2007

bubs born in toowoomba St vinicents at end of march 2007 Lock Rss

Hi just wanting to get in contact with any one who has had a bub around the 30th march in St vinicents hospital[/img][/url]

I was born there at the end of July 1978 ...will I do ??? lol lol lol
hi lukes*mum

Yeah you will do lol lol smile Your little man is very cute, do you live in toowoomba?[/img][/url]

Thanks ...I dont mind him ....recon I might keep him least til puberty !! lol lol lol

no I dont live there now ..I nearly triped over my own bum getting out of there when I was 17 family still live there though !

had visions of moveing back there this year ....but we think we want to go to Bundaberg instead!! lol lol lol
hi i live in toowoomba as well my youngest son was born the 15 th of march 2006 at the base if that helps at all? good luck from felecia

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

Hehe we I think my little man has hit the teriable 2s already and he is only 10 months. Wow Bundie is a long way a way but it is a beautiful place and would be great place to live.

We live in good old Warwick, I would love to move but I think we will stay everything is so close and easy and most of my family is still living here.[/img][/url]

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