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3 kids 3 & under - exhausted Lock Rss

I guess I'm just looking for a bit of support or help from like minded mums on this.
I have 3 beautiful kids DD1 will be 4 in July, a 2 yr old & a 5 month old and I am absolutely exhausted!!!!!!

Most nights in up once or twice with either of the older 2 (if it's not one it the other)and the baby used to be up every couple hrs until bout a week ago nd now I hav her waking only once. I bet up every morning between 6-7 depending on when they wake. Nd everyday I wake up absolutely buggered. I'm that tired I geel like I dnt even have that much emotion anymore, that I'm just a zombie on overdrive going. Through the same mad house things everyday. Thankfully my eldest 2 go to preschool/daycare 2 days a week but those days I'm doing the books for our business & the. Trying to fit everything else in that's too hard to do with the 3 kids (groceries etc)

The house work just gets on top of me. Sometimes I woner y I bother coz it's usually messy again after an he from when I clean it. My eldest both seem to be going through a naughty stage, constantly fighting or if they aren't fighting they r doing something naughty.

I just feel like I can't win. My husband noticed that I have been upset and tired and has tried to help out during the night but I still dnt sleep anyway coz o still
Hear them get up. Now even when I can get asleep, I'm not ecen sleeping in a deep sleep, I toss & turn all night.

All I want to do is close my eyes, have a great long sleep and wake up feeling fresh & motivated. Will This ever happen again? I'm so exhausted ????
Oh i so feel for you mum!!! Do u have extended family who may help? They could take your children to daycare for you? You could extend you childrens hours at daycare? 30 hrz ece could help you? I have 3 children and 1 on the way (4,2 and 5 months) my two children go to daycare from 12- 5pm 4 days a week. There grandma drops them off and their father picks them up after work. Its great when they get home because theyre buggered by the end of the day, so its dinner at 6 and in bed by 8.I was feeling alot like how u felt until i finally reached out for help. Try find a time in the day maybe when your youngest is asleep to get an hour or two rest, u deserve it and owe it to yourself.i lock the doors close the house so no one annoys my rest time from 2-4pm, my midwife demanded i do that and its so far worked great . I also think when times get rough ( naughty kids lol) it will only get easier from here. Im not a doctor or a counselor, just a mum who recognises these factors and an experienced mother. BEST OF LUCK!!!!
Oh I feel your pain and you have your kids so close in ages that it's no wonder you're exhausted. And doing the books for the business - how do you manage that? I can promise that one day it will get easier because they do grow up but it's so hard for too long.. Hang in there.
Hang in there,I survived 3 under 2 and a half and when people ask how I manage(d) I say a day at a time , sometimes its an hour at a time.My baby just started high school and I have come out the other end fairly sane.Its hard and hectic but its good practice as they get older and even busier!All the best and do not knock back any offers of help

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I hear you, sister!! I have two little girls, a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Both very lively (especially my youngest), hubby goes away for a few weeks at times due to his job and I work part-time 3 days per week. My in-laws live an hour away and they give me a hand when they can, but they both work and it takes an hour for them to come over or for me to go there, so it just doesn't happen all the time of course. I feel for you as it can be exhausting! When my husband is away, I spend my 4 days off cleaning after the kids, making some meals in advance (well, I try anyway) and try to catch up on housework as the days I work it's pretty much too late to even attempt. Even though I clean and tidy up and do a million loads of laundry, my house looks like it has been hit by a toy and clothes bomb. Seriously. I am tired too, I have been to work that tired I couldn't even remember my computer log in. And I work in a bank - I almost didn't trust myself handling money, even after 3 cups of coffee, all before lunch! This phase will pass I am sure and things will get easier!! Like me, you seem to be very lucky to have a husband who helps when he can. Hang in there and if you get the chance, book yourself in a hotel for one night to escape the madness and recharge. If you can't, even time out such as going for a walk one evening would do you good - it's great for the soul! Good luck smile
I could have written this post myself!
I am finding it very difficult at the moment as my 2.5 year old is driving me up the wall! I have three children aged 5, 2.5 and 1.
Sleep seems to be non existent and even with help from hubby in settling the older two while I put the baby to bed is still draining. My house looks like a bomb site 24/7 and that really isn't being helped by my mil telling me how it 'should' be.
Feel free to message me if you want someone to talk to as I would love to chat with mums who have three children.
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