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I dont know what to do.. Lock Rss

My dd is 2 and 1 mnth and has lately been showing signs that she doesnt want to wear nappies anymore and Im not sure how to go about toilet training??

I have been told by ppl that she is trying to tell me that she is ready but Im not so I really dont want her to be! She constantly takes her nappy off after doing a wee and always after she does her poo and she brings me her nappy and tells me that she either did a wee or a poo.

Ive heard of so many methods to get them tt and so now im just not sure which one to use. I want her straight onto the toilet as I dont see the point in potty coz then I have to get her to change. She knows what the toilet is for and when she hears it flush she will say bye bye wee, bye bye poo.

I have heaps of undies for her and she absolutely loves wearing them and I try to put her on every 20 mins or so but we always just miss it. So I change the time and still miss is. By about lunch time she is really sick of trying to do a wee on the toilet and starts getting cranky so I dont want to push her and tell her that if she doesnt try for a wee then she will have to put a nappy back on which she tells me she doesnt want. I have tried using stickers and lollies and neither have worked and she has just wanted them all day long.

I have a 6 mnth old as well so I cant always be around her all the time to see when she does a wee or something. The only good thing is I live in a remote area and am literally home every day except for shopping day but I can change that to night time so hubby will be home for her.

Sorry for the long post but am feeling really desperate now coz I feel that I have tried so many different tactics to have them all fail. I know she might not be ready but she is showing all the signs that she is ready.
It took me some time to get confident to TT my DD. She probably would have been fully TT earlier, but I had to get my head into gear and use to a new routine. There is so much information and so many different ways to do it, its not easy by any means.

It sounds like she is getting close to being ready, but that doesn't mean you have to go into full TT (knickers instead of a nappy in the day). Use this time to build both your confidence and do familiarisation.

Some things you can do to help set the routine and new habit is to take her to the toilet with you, let her help (give you paper) and flush - reward yourself with praise, that you are a big girl etc. This will help empower her and motivate her to be a big girl and get use to the toilet.

The other big thing I recommend is when you see the body language that she is about to do a wee/poo - take her to the toilet (make it fun), strip her nappy down and sit her on the toilet. Reward her regardless of what happens (if you make it or not) and if she does do some-thing in the loo - go nuts - super celbration.

Once she is telling you she needs to go BEFORE, then I would put her in knickers full time. At this point, you need to take her to the toilet regularly - not just rely on her telling you. It takes time for them to adjust and by doing this (approx every 45-60 minutes) you will reduce accidents and build her confidence. Kids need toileting support for some time - particularly wiping.

I'm not sure that helps you any. Another good tip some mums that are busy (like you sound) is to set a watch or clock to remind you to take her to the toilet.

Good luck, I hope others post with suggestions.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Im going through TT at the moment too, my litle girl is 2 and 2mths!
Im finding the easiest thing to do is let her do what she wants. If she says wee i put her on the toilet. If she doesnt want to put her nappy on i put a pull up on her. If she wont put that on her i put extra thick knickers on her (got them in best and less for $2) I find i can leave her for a good few hours with knickers on before she wets them. She doesnt use the toilet heaps but maybe 2-3 times a day!
I dont push her because i dont want her to hate it. I also dont use a potty cause i think the same thing, i dont want to have to change from the potty to the toilet.
Things are going fine for us at the moment,,not sure what else i can say to help out.
Im very laid back and dont stress about things, she will do it all when shes ready!
hope that is of some help??
my son it 2 and 2 months. we let him wander around the house half naked he has socks on and a warm top, when he is naked he will go on the pottty for pee and on the toilet for poos.
it took a while for me to get my son to wear undies but most of the time if he has undies on he will just wet his pants, even when i ask "do you need to go to the toilet"
he can have a day nap with no nappy and not wet the mattress.

my son likes being naked even in winter, so we just let it go, im in no rush for him to be toilet trained. all i want is him to be done befor kinda. and thats a while away.

dont know if i have helped but
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