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birthday party ideas Lock Rss

hi my son is turning 3 in a few months and i want to know some ideas for his birthday.
there will not be a lot of kids as he does not have many friends (or relatives)
but i want to do a truck train type party. and sujestions??
You could try asking your local fire brigade if they could bring the fire truck to your house. (not sure if this would be done in the city) My DS turned 2 just before xmas and we had a slippery dip. Having a dressup bin is always a great novelty with kids of any age. At 3 its probably best to stick to short simple games where all the kids can get a prize if you plan to have games. Mostly we just let the kids do what they wanted and had a Bob the Builder cake, which went down a treat!! A bubble machine is a wonderful thing to have with kids and it wears them out a treat also. Hope you have a great party.

its an idea, kids love fire trucks, or any truck for that matter. i was thinking a few games like throw a little bean bag, who gets closest gets a bigger prize. iall the kids would get a prize for trying. my son is not in to dress ups just playing cars really.i was thinking turning boxes in to cars and they can play with big box cars (like playschol where there in the box. but it might be a bit hard as were thinking of going to a park for a bbq sausages rissols ect. not that i have a lot of kids going but a bit of fun i think. my son has decided on a train cake so it will have to be a trucks and trains party. depending on my sons mood to what he wants his party to be lol
The bean bag idea is a great one. Maybe have them throw them at some covered empty tins and they can knock them over. Another one could be a small treasure hunt. Or you could modify musical chairs so that they are 'driving around until the music stops and have to stop on a red stop sign(paper cut out) thats laying on the ground. As and extra back up take a box of cars and other cheap toys that they can sit and play with. Hope you all have a great time.

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