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Speech question Lock Rss

As the subject says, I have a speech question.

DD1 is 2.5 years old and has quite a large vocabulary. It's just her pronunciation that is suffering at the moment and I am just wondering if it is a normal developmental thing, and if so, when it improves versus when do you need for them to see a speech pathologist. For example "please" is said "fwease", "water" is "warser", "button" is "bunton". The other thing is she says the "F" sound instead of "th". ie "fank you" not "thank you". Now my DH does this also and it really irritates me. It's too late to fix his problem but I don't want it to become DD's normal speech.
So is it normal for a child of her age to speak this way or do I need to have it addressed??

My DS went to a speech pathologist when he was about 3. She said that 'th' being pronounced 'f' is normal and doesn't improve till about 4-5 years of age! It sounds like your little girl has 'normal' developing speech to me! If unsure take to a dr who could refer you to a speech path. if needed.
Was also told to speak normally and not pronounce things like DS or he would copy incorrect pronounciation so tell your DH that he needs to knock it off! smile
Your girls are gorgeous by the way!

Thanks for the reply Mumm23boys - you've made me feel a bit better. I'll wait a while longer and see how she goes. As for DH - I've been telling him to knock it off for as long as we've been together but with no luck LOL.

my son is 3 in april and his words are starting to sound more like what they should now, it has just started happening over the last few days. he was using the G as a C so cat would be gat his T would some times be D but it is starting to form more now. i guess as theyu are still learning to pronounce words and are learning new words still there little brain mixes them up a bit, but wait till 3 or a bit more befor you go to a speach therapist, and ask your partner to stop talking babyish. after all its usuly the mum that talks all gaga and not the dad. lol
good luck watch over the next few months. and there should be an improvement. if nothing is good by about 3.5 years tthen i would sujest a speach therapist as at about 4 they go to kinda, and it would be best to have it checked out by then. but also when she says fankyou just repeat it as thankyou and then th th thankyou so she can understand its th not f. if you get me
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