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has anyone elses toddler swallowed anything? Lock Rss

My 14 month old son was sick today, first time he had really had a sick bug (well thats what i thought it was anyways) when i was cleaning up the mess i found a rubberband in his vomit (sorry for tmi) this really freaked me out. He still continued to be sick afterward but it went away after about 3 chucks. Just wanderng if any-one else has had anything else like this, or there child has swallowed somthing they shouldn't have. Because right now i feel like the worlds worse mother, i don't even know how he got we don't have rubberbands in the house.
DS #2 put a small ball up his nose and we couldnt get it out! Eventually he got it out himself.

my DD ate her board book... but she vomited out herself. today i saw her try to eat chocolates those plastic wraps. lucky my dad saw it, before she swallowed a bit of it.
Don't feel bad, kids pop things in their mouths so quickly you can so easily miss it. My youngest son put a nail from a picture hook frame in his mouth, and if I hadn't seen the end of it shining in the very corner of his mouth he would have swallowed it, and I later worked out it had been stuck in the very edge of the carpet right against the wall and could have been there for years! Trust the little ones to find these things! Gives you such a shock doesn't it? You've proved what a great mum you are by being so worried!
thanks mate for that, feeling much better now. But yeah is does freak you out, sometimes you feel like you just want to wrap them up in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives lol.
my georgia ate a daddy long legs spider!! that freaked me out, because they say their venom can kill. So i rang the poisons info centre, and they said that if the spider bit her while she was swallowing it, she'd be in serious trouble, but there wasn't much chance of it actually biting her. But i just has to monitor her for a couple of minutes, to make sure her behaviour didn't change. I was so scared!! I called DP in tears, and pretty much cried all afternoon..
apart from the nail and spider my son has eaten gosh so much
a 5c piece a few days be for we were going on a holiday (airplane) i was worried he would go beep thru the metal detecrors. but he just had bad diareah, but then he had bad diareah a lot he was eating lots of cherry tomatos,

he also ate about 12-20 of my contrceptive pill (while i was at work) poisons said he should be alright but may get vomiting (so you know in future) my partner wasny keeping a good eye on him sad

he puts lots in his mouth but there the worst i know about, most he dosnt swallow.

makes me feel like a terribl mum, lucky my son still loves me.

A friend of mine's DS swollowed a AAA battery. Thankgod her pooed it out a day or two later!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

so much that im not telling as you will think that i am the worst mum lmao.

When we were living in the tropics my DS ate a gecko that had been dead for sometime and was partly decomposed. I could only work out what it was when I pulled the head out of his mouth!!
oh god yes my ds would give any vacuum a run for its money.. the latest was a fly sooo gross he was outside with me and b4 i new it i was pullin half a fly out his mouth i felt horrible. if i go out somewhere i can just follow him around for half hour and ill have a handfull of s*** we have a dyson vacuum which i love but he will still find something to chew on the first thing i ever found in his mouth was a big ball of my hair i was so glad i got it out. he is 1 and still doing it im hoping he is over it b4 staring childcare in 2 months

My dd got hold of her nappy rash cream and decided to squeeze it into her mouth. I rang poisons info line they said it was fine it will come out when she poops LOL and she might have a bit of a vomit. She was fine otherwise. She also likes to put things in her mouth like her cardboard books, she eats catalogues etc.

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