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HELP!! was taking blood pressure tablets now worried about my baby Lock Rss

Hi ive recently found out im pregnant with baby no9 and i have been on indosyl mono 2mg tablets as i have high blood pressure; as this baby was a big surprise ive still been taking my blood pressure tablets but spoke to the chemist today and she told me to stop them immediately as they can cause serious problems and defects to a baby . So now im really worried that something may be wrong with my bub and i cant see dr till thursday arvo. .so just wondering if anyone else was taking blood pressure tablets during early pregnancy and they there baby didn't have any affects of it smile
Never been in the same boat but I just looked up what indosyl has in it (perindopril) and here's the FDA safety information (couldn't see an Australian website):

It says perindopril does cause defects but when it is taken in the 2nd and 3rd trimester so if you're in your first trimester then it looks like it should be before it causes too many problems. If I were in your situation I'd definitely stop taking it immediately based on the pharmacists advice but I wouldn't be too worried until I had spoken to a doctor. I suspect you'll just have extra scans to check bubs kidneys are fine.
Thanks you that information has made me feel a lot better. Thank you so much smile
That's ok. Hope everything goes well at your dr appointment.
Stress sucks!'ll be fine!
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