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Breastfeeding while pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi all
I am wondering whether there are any mums on here who have breastfed while pregnant?

Did your periods return, and if so, when did they?

Did anyone notice a change in milk supply on the early days of pregnancy?

Did your baby notice?

The reason I am asking is because the last 3 days my milk has increased a lot and I have felt different and really hungry! I have an 8 month old and my periods haven't returned but I have a weird feeling I might be.

I had only one period before I got pregnant with this bub. My DD2 was only 5 months old when I had my period. I felt really tired and very hungry all the time. My milk supply didnt really increase. DD2 weaned herself of breast only last week.
I would really go to your gp and get checked out by the time I thought I could be pregnant I was 14 weeks along.
good luck!

i was bf when we feel preg this time. (not a surprise smile) I didn't noice an increase in supply probably the opposite. my dd was 8mths though when we feel and cutting back her feeds.

I was only able to keep feeding till she was 9.5mths due to a medical problem that pregnancy makes worse.

i''''m baking a baby

i'm about 9 weeks pregnant and still breastfeeding my 10month old and will keep doing so for a while longer, athough she seems to be loosing interest in her before bedtime feed (she's only been on 2 per day for a little while). she didn't seem to notice or care, and my supply doesn't seem to have changed at all.
my only concern is with her already on only 2 feeds and maybe dropping one of them and knowing she is getting enough nutrition other ways already.
Thanks everyone, I took one test an it was neg bu I might wait a week or two and try again. Just too many little changes all of a sudden to ignore!

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