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Contractions just stopped - does this happen often? Lock Rss

Yesterday, I thought labour had started. How often do contractions just stop???

I had some period pain, low down, in the morning. And I also felt like I was going to be sick!!! It intensified (back pain too) late morning and then at noon - bang - contraction. The pain built, to a point where I had to stop in my tracks - ouchy wa wa - and then eased. Then bubs had a little move. Had a look at the clock. Ten minutes later - off it went again.

This happened for 90mins - every 10-12mins! So I started packing, toddler was asleep! Texted DH to keep an eye on his phone! I thought a shower would help. Then it all stopped!!! Nothing since the shower.

Bhs continued all afternoon but there was no pain - just the tightenings!!

I have period pain and back ache again this morning.

How often to contractions just stop like that? Does that mean the beginning of labour or could I have nothing again for days?

I am due next Wednesday...having s&s on Monday and induced Wednesday or Friday next week...(due to gestational diabetes) .... but would love to go naturally as was induced last time and had not a niggle!! So this stopping and starting is new...but they were definitely contractions.

I have organised for DH to start time off next Tuesday after s&s and have to organise toddler, so...

I would love your thoughts??? Is labour near??

i had something similar- i had contractions every 6mins from about 10pm-6am on the sunday night before DD was born. i contacted the hospital to check and they said wait till they were much closer together. i had regular 6min contractions (painful ones) the whole night till about 6am. stopped. not even a twinge for the day- went to my a/n appt all sorts of things had a couple of b/h's after the ob did a strech and sweep, then whammo every 6mins starting about 9pm again that night. i had DD at 0435 tuesday morning.
don't know how common it is but it happened to me. at least hubby got some sleep on the monday night so he wasn't quite so tired.......
It sounds like pre-labour contractions for sure.
Usually people who experience this will go within a week of them starting so shouldn't be long now!
Thanks ladies..

Great to hear that people usually go within a week of this starting!!!

Although, only had BH's Thursday and today...but have been so tired!!

Have s&s Monday before induction planned (Wednesday or Friday) next week, so hoping will go naturally! OB hoping s&s will get things kicked off for me. Fingers crossed!

When you see ob next if you haven't gone beforehand also ask if they can see if your've started to dialate, it'll give you and them an idea of what happening.
Thanks BlaBla152 - I will ask about dilation of the cervix! Will that let me know if closer to natural labour or not??

yes it should give you and your ob an idea of how things are progressing.
Once your cervix has dialated to atleast 3 cm you can expect labour to occur anytime.
Great - thanks BlaBla152 - will definitely ask how dilated (if it is)!!!

With DS I started having contractions that were about 5-7 minutes apart and starting to feel a bit painful, it went on for about 6 hours so I took myself to hospital and they had to put me on a drip because I had been throwing up too, they put the monitor on and said yes definitely in labour, but within a few hours it all stopped so I went home, I went into full blown labour again the next day (DS was born 6 hours after that), which was 1 day before my due date.
With DD2 it happened at about 38 weeks and stopped again but she did not arrive until her due date either.

With DD1 I had a 30 hour false labour - contractions got to be 2 minutes apart, then it just stopped. Just like that. I was devastated!! That said I was only 34 weeks so it probably wasn't that bad a thing. Had BH on and off till she was born at 38+5.

With DD2 I had BH really severely for the two days leading up to actual labour, but also on and off for the few weeks beforehand.

I reckon PP is right, does sound like prelabour contractions. Best of luck with your labour and birth smile
Cassie71 - Due date is Wednesday - that seems to have the common element for you - so maybe soon!

Christobelle -Can't believe contractions got to two minutes apart...but a relief since you were only 34 weeks!!!

Whatever happens - I will be induced by Friday - so I will meet bubs soon!

I hope you get to go in to labour naturally, I preferred that, knowing bub came when they chose (chose their own birth date)
How have they worked out your due date? LMP or scan?

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