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1/20 chance of Downs Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone on this site has ever had there 12 week scan come back with a 1 in 20 chance of Downs Syndrome? (5% chance) I just had a meeting with my doctor yesterday and he told me about the amniotic test that you can do to find out for sure but he said there is a chance of m/c if I do that.

Has anyone else been in this situation and if so what did you do?


Sorry I can't offer you any advice (never been in this situation) but all I can say is good luck. I don't want to sway your decision in any way but I think the chance of miscarriage with an amnio is very low and it would be pretty hard to just wonder for the rest of your pregnancy. But in saying that I don't know if I could actually go through with an amnio.
how horrible and worrying for you. i am so sorry and i hope everything turns out okay. we didnt have nuchal fold scan because i didnt want to have to face this sort of dilema. but think of it this way tho....u have a 95% chance of having a healthy baby. if i remember correctly amnios have a risk of miscarriage at about 1-2%. well all pregnancies have a miscarriage risk of 1% after 13 weeks so maybe it would be best to know. think of the relief u would have when told everything is okay. 2 of my friends had amnios to check for family genetic abnormalities, one of them has had it done twice, and their babies are fine. they had some spotting which was scary but went on to have healthy pregnancies. all the best and let us kno how u go. x
This happened to us with DD1. We decided not to have the amnio because if she had had downs it would not have made a difference to what we did anyway. The docs were talking about abortion etc but we knew we couldn't so there wasn't much point in finding out for sure.
I had a 1/126 chance when for my age it should have been 1/950. We decided we needed to know as if downs was confirmed we would have terminated (personal choice). The risk of mc as result amnio is very low, I guess the question is, would you do anything if downs was confirmed or continue the pregnancy as normal?

I haven't but I do agree with a PP that first maybe you need to decide what you'd do with the information if you had it. We didn't have that test because for us it didn't matter one way or the other, we never would have had the amnio if we had a 'high' risk result so we would have spent 6 months worrying about it, more than likely unnecessarily.

I had a friend who came back low risk nearly 15 years ago when she was in her 20's, so her and her DH were surprised and shocked when their son was born with Downs Syndrome. If you are people who need to plan and organise things down to the last detail and you planned on keeping the baby then knowing one way or the other might benefit you; otherwise look at it the way a PP did. There is a 95% chance that things are fine and maybe try not to dwell on it too much....though I know that is easier said than done sometimes.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Hey there

I was high risk with Ryder. My first initial results were 1:3, yep that was pretty scary. They re did my blood tests and they then came back at 1:76. We decided to go ahead with the amnio as we needed to know for sure, i couldn't have continued my pregnancy with that worry. Anyway lucky for us, the results came back negative, had they of not, we would have considered termination.

I am currently waiting my results with this baby. If its the same scenario and i am deemed high risk again, we will once again go through with an amnio...

Good Luck, please keep us updated, and as hard as it is, try not to worry.... xx

ETA if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! smile]
[Edited on 13/02/2010]

I found out that my baby has a heart condition at 24 weeks they offered me the amnio cause they think I could lose the baby i refused it because i'm to far into my preg to do anything about it consider all your options before you decide good luck anyway
This is such a hot topic, that usually causes big debates.

I had an amnio at 18 weeks as there was a risk of a syndrome. They tested for them all, as my DS had a cleft lip and palate, as well as other "markers".

We decided to go ahead with it as we wanted to know what the outcome was, because personally, we couldnt have raised a child with a disability. DS having a cleft lip and palate means theres alot of drs/specialist appointments, as well as operations. The financial side of it is hard as well. This in itself is hard enough on its own, without having a more serious disability to deal with.

Its a very personal and heartbreaking decision, and I wish you all the best xoxo

I have just recently posted about our situation on the Parents with Multiples section of the website if you want to check it out.
Im heading towards 5 months with twins. Our nuchal scan came back saying that one had a 1 in 6 chance for Downs or another chromasonal abnormality. Scarey and very very stressfull stuff. We decided to have the amnio done on both. We only last week found out that both are fine and doing really well and this Friday I have to go back and have the 20 week morphology scan done. They just want to triple check everything. So if you want to chat please email me as I can understand how hard it is for you.
Best of luck for you, your family and your little one.
we had a ' high ' chance of downs with no3 an had the amnio my ob sent me to a professor who he was very confident with and all went well . bubby was fine.My sil had a 1 in 13 chance that her baby had ds but refused an amnio as she felt that at 46 it could be her only chance of having a baby .As the ob said the chances of having a healthy 'normal' baby was 12 out of 13. They chose to think that the baby had a 12 out of 13 chance of being ok rather than 1 out of 13 chance being ds.The 'baby' is now a very gifted 11 year old in year 6.
Good luck!
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mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think your decision really depends on what you would do if you found out your baby does have Downs. I chose never to have the 12 week scans, as the results wouldn't have made any difference to me keeping the baby or not.

Good luck with everything.
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