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Beta HCG levels in early pregnancy! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone.

I am pregnant with my first baby after a miscarriage at 7 weeks in October last year. I am really nervous this time around and am looking for some info..

I have had a few blood tests to check on my HCG levels and the doctor says they are fine, But i dont really have anything to compare them to.

I would love it if you could share your results with me!

My first test was at 5 weeks 1 day and the result was 62
The next was at 5 weeks 3 days and the result was 190
The last was 5 weeks 6 days and the result was 980

Has anyone had any tests around the same time and are happy to share with me?


Hi sorry to hear about your m/c but huge congrats on your pregnancy!

im only 4w 6d now. my hcg yesterday was 290. have to have another in a week as i had some spotting.

why did you have to have 3 lots done? Ive never heard of that unless there was some concern??

The levels sound fine though, as long as they double every 2 or 3 days its fine. But even if they dont DOUBLE, if they keep rising its all good smile

Hi ya chicky,
congrats on your pregnancy!
Being a mum is great. We have just got pregnant with number #2. I initially had a MC before DS#1. So know what you're feeling.
I just found out about #2, they tested my levels and I was 190 at 5 weeks, so as far as I'm aware - you're right on the middle line. I get another blood test on Tuesday to make sure the levels of hormone are increasing as they should.
I don't mean to sound mean but there's nothing you can do if MC is pending, so there's no need to worry, what will happen will happen and you have no control over it! In saying that I hope both you and I have healthy full term bubbas:)
Baby dust
Hi Ladies,

Thankyou so much for your replies. I am feeling alot better now as i had a scan last week and got to see a little heart beat so i am very excited. (still nervous! But excited!)

In reading back on my post, i have realised that my dates were incorrect. I was actually 4 weeks 1 day, 4 weeks 3 days and 4 weeks 6 days. so i was actually a week earlier than i had posted. So maybe my levels were high?

Fingers crossed that we all have healthy happy babies in 7 or so months.
bHCG levels can be very different for different women and different pregnancies. the normal range is huge, so don't worry too much about 'high' or 'low' unless your doc says something specific. from a laymans perspective as long as it's going up (it normally will follow a certain curve) all is going well, if it drops something has gone wrong. good luck with it.
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