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when do you hear the heartbeat for the 1st time? Lock Rss

I should know this i have a ds but i just really cant remember how far along i was...

It usually at about 12 weeks or just over but I first heard DS heart beat on a doppler at 11 weeks and it was seen on a scan at about 6 weeks.
i heard my babys heart beat at 14 weeks but i did see on scan at 6 weeks

I didnt hear my babys heart beat till 14 weeks at a midwife appointment, but saw the heart beat at 6 weeks on a scan.
Saw the heartbeat on my first scan @ 7 weeks but then didnt hear it til my first midwife appt when I was about 14weeks?
I bought an at home heart monitor - not a doppler - and I have been listening to babys heart beat since about week 30 smile

I had my first scan at 9 weeks and saw it and then heard it at the GPs at 12 weeks for the first time.
I first heard the heart beat 2 days before 19 weeks and first saw it on a scan at 19 weeks exactly
i heard it around 14 weeks at my mw appointment.

i seen mine at just after 5 weeks and heard it yesterday at 10 weeks 4 days.

we saw and heard mine at 9 weeks at my first appointment with my Ob (she has an ultrasound in her offices). If she didn't I'm guessing it wouldn't of been until the 12 week scan

i think i got told it was 12 weeks

Today and it was thundering along at 173 bpm and im 10 weeks .

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