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Anxiety Lock Rss

So I have been suffering from severe anxiety for the past month and have just done a pregnancy test tonight and turns out I'm pregnant.

I want to know if anyone has had anxiety etc during pregnancy. I have been feeling so awful and know I couldn't handle this for another 8ish months. On the other hand if I have an abortion I know I would also feel awful and don't think that would help.
Hi there I'm sorry to hear your anxious. I suffer from anxiety quite a bit too, but not specifically related to baby/pregnancy. Do you normally have anxiety ? Or is anxiety related specifically to the baby.
I normally have anxiety and was weaning off my antidepressants up until 6 weeks ago as I was doing really well. I then crashed and have been a mess since. I was also put back on the antidepressants. So with this I am unsure if it's from being pregnant or not.

I'm sorry your suffering, anxiety is horrible.

The best bet would be to visit your GP or once you find a midwife speak with them about your anxiety.

If your worried about being put on medication, I wouldn't worry as there are lots of ways to deal with anxiety.

Best of luck.

Since you are already on antidepressants, I would visit your GP as soon as you can to make sure the medication is safe if your pregnant.

Yes I am going to make an app first thing tomorrow. Thanks
Hi. I used to suffer from it quite frequently in the past and when I was pregnant a few years back I had it all under control, until when I hit 8 months and I got it quite bad. It's a horrible thing to experience full stop, especially when you're pregnant!! Find a good doctor. My doctor is amazing and recommends life style changes and natural remedies before meds. Anxiety is something that you need to understand (why you feel the way you are, how your mind works etc) and do something about it. Your mental and physical health is crucial to your happiness, so make a decision to make it a top priority to sort out, so you can be happy! Things that helped me overcome it - watching YouTube clips (solutions for anxiety etc), meditation, reading books about how the mind works, talking to people about it etc and I have now conquered it. I did a lot of soul searing along the way through the books that I read and it has completely changed my outlook on life! So I am actually glad I used to suffer from anxiety, as it helped me create an amazing life. Hopefully you make the decision to make it a top priority and sort it out for you and your baby. All the very best!! : )
I too have suffered from anxiety on and off for 16 years. Have had some horrible experiences with 6 months of having 10-20 panic attacks a day. I started to have a little bit once my son was born but conquered that and it hit me hard again this year at the end of January when I suffered a miscarriage. I too have always battled mine through the power of my mind by talking to people, reading and making lifestyle changes, I have been in some very bad states with it and seem to come through. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and getting it here and there but I am working through it by reading some amazing books like "You can heal your life" By Louise Hay (AMAZING BOOK) and also through meditation. I feel that anxiety is a way of your body telling you to listen to what is going on and to make changes. Thoughts are just thoughts and they can be changed. You are in control of your mind.
I have an OCD, an anxiety disorder, but I haven't experienced panicked attacks or anything similar. I was able to deal with it during pregnancy, and it didn't exacerbate. However, it's difficult to say how you're going to feel since you didn't mention the kind of anxiety you're suffering from (panic attacks, specific phobias, social anxiety etc). You may anticipate that during the pregnancy it may get a bit worse since you're susceptible to the effects of a huge hormonal change in your body. I hope you're doing all right.
Hi welcome dear. I want to express kind heart thanks to choose this online platform to share your problem of anxiety. I am here for you to provide valuable information to clear all your doubts about anxiety. It is good news that you are aware about your health problem very well. You can cure your problem at early stage very well. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this situation. It is not easy job to handle anxiety problem during pregnancy. The first and foremost thing I want to suggest you to handle this difficult situation with positive attitude. You should not lose hope. There are lots of Medical Research treatment are available that can provide easy pregnancy with safe and secure method. There are lots of Medical Researches available on Internet that explains anxiety and stress are responsible for miscarriage problem.
It is the best idea to handle anxiety problem with effective way. You can start with early morning walk and some easy exercise that is very profitable for you to provide proper blood supply to all your body to work smoothly. You can use yoga and meditation that is very effective to balance your body and mind in short time period. You should not miss this opportunity to enjoy maximum benefit to reduce anxiety problem in natural way. You can start with easy yoga and meditation posture and should go to higher level to enjoy more benefit in your life that is profitable for you and your baby very well. The next important thing is that maintain your body in balance with healthy balanced diet. It is very necessary to consume all nutrition in exact amount that is required to work smoothly for your reproduction system.
Hello my dear friend, I hope you are doing well and congratulations for your pregnancy because it is really amazing time of your life. Thank you for sharing your problem with us because it is a good thing to share your problems with others. You will definitely get a good advice for your situation at this forum. I can understand that you are facing any anxiety problem and you think it can be because of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a complex process for your body and your body will go through many hormonal and physical changes in this stage. It is normal in many ladies to find the problem of stress and anxiety due to pregnancy hormones changes. You should think the main cause of your anxiety problem and you have to give it some time to be normal. It is very important for you to think if you are ready to give birth or not. If you want to face successful pregnancy period in your life, it is very important for you to be prepared for it physically as well as mentally. If you are not prepared yet, abortion will be a better option for you. If you want to give birth to a beautiful baby, it is very important for you to get rid of stress and anxiety problem. It can be harmful for your physical condition as well as for health of your baby in future. I will suggest you to consult any health expert who can provide better advice to you. If you are looking to find natural help, yoga and meditation can be really helpful for you. Meditation will be very helpful for you in such condition and you should add it to your regular routine.
Hey beautiful. Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy. Well, it is really depressing to know about your sufferings. Anxiety is terrible. My sister had frequent anxiety and depression during her pregnancy. She consulted her doctor. It was of much avail because the doc was more interested in giving her the natural remedies. She decided not to go for any oral treatment. It was her own will power. So, my dear it is you who have to bring a change. Think of the happier times that are yet to come. Don't make your baby suffer because of you. Visit your doctor to find the best possible treatment to your problem. I hope your doctor can help you in a better way. Avoid situations that cause you anxiety. Surround yourself around happiness. It is wonderful journey you are travelling on. All the best.
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