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TTC April 2015 - Anyone? Lock Rss

Hi guys. Haven't been on here in such a long time. Years i think. lol. Anyway, we're going to start TTC #3 from around April and thought it might be fun to have other people to chat to that will be trying around then

Hi Mummy Deb - I think I'll be joining you for the April thread!
I'm ttc #1, cycle #2 (going into) at the moment I am 4 days late for AF but getting extremely obvious BFNs when testing. I had light spotting about 1 week out from AF being due but had huge symptoms afterwards (tingly nipples, tugging feeling in my stomach, light headed and queasiness...), but it hasn't resulted in anything - so I'm just thinking that it was my AF a little bit early...

Anyway - looking forward to chatting with you
Hi Mummydeb, I'm in the March ttc thread but also looks like I'll be joining you as af due yesterday and spotting has started which means full flow be any minute. I am also ttc #3 smile
Good luck girls xx
Hi All and hello to Ellek again smile

I have moved over from March thread as AF unfortunately arrived two days ago sad

Tcc#2 and this will be third cycle. As DD was conceived first pop i thought this time would be the same so even though its only been two cycles i am very impatient and not nice to be around at the mo! However once af over i am sure i will become lovely to be around again smile

Super baby dust for all.......
Hi ladies I'm new to this site smile I found it after llooking up chemical pregnancy , I'm currently going through one now so I joined March but am now joining April to smile we weren't trying but after the excitement feeling and the happiness we felt we decided this will be our first month I live in wa recently married on the 06.12.14 been with my partner 9 years and we are both story is bfp 10dpo and again on 11dpo then on 14/03 faded positive then bfn .. started bleeding on 15/03 been very heavy and painful for a few days seems to be slowing down now I read that you are very fertile after a cp so I'm hopeing I ovulate again this month and can get my bfp

*baby dust to all Here *
Hi ladies! Looks like I'm moving up with you guys...that's ok get to speak to you lovelies! Keeps my positivity going smile how r u feeling? Xx

Hi ladies and hello to all the newcomers smile
Not much new to report, on day 3 of af and just waiting for it to finish (normally gone by end of tomorrow). Still bit down today when I see any newborn babies around so desperately want that again but just looking forward to bding again and going to enjoy my 2 boys as much as I can as they are seeming so grown up!
Lots of baby dust for all of us this cycle. Here's to being huge over the hottest part of summer grin xx
Bec Sorry to hear of your cp, I experienced 1 while ttc ds2 and it wasn't nice getting so excited for a few days to have it taken away sad
However that's great you are now ttc, it can be a wonderful, tiring, exhausting roller coaster of emotions but you'll have us ladies to share it with and hopefully it'll be a quick journey for you.
I am ttc #3 which will be my last, on about cycle 9 now although first 6 were just seeing what happened with no timing things or even knowing when ovulation was. Took 12 months of properly ttc DS2 so am bit worried how long it may take but it will be what it's meant to be smile. DS1 was a beautiful 'surprise' on the pill so life works in strange ways.
Good luck xx
Thanks ladies I look forward to hearing everyone's progress this month smile

Good luck to everyone
Hi ladies. I unfortunately had a miscarriage on 11th March at 6 weeks. We will start trying again after my next af which I imagine will be mid April. Hopefully we will be able to try in April, possibly will end up in the May thread.

Welcome but so sorry to hear about your mc Steph, i hope your body bounces back quickly for you to try again when your ready.

Welcome also Bec and LuckyMum smile
Welcome Steph, very sorry to hear of your miscarriage though. I can only imagine what it is like for you at the moment. Hopefully your next bean will be very sticky. We are here for you smile
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