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Surrogacy journey Lock Rss

Well, just went through the entire post you wrote. PCOS is very common these days! Stay strong! Just go for the third attempt. I've studied somewhere that later attempts of IVF have better chances and stats of conceiving. So, yeah! Just remain calm. I know it's tough. But, you're not alone. I also have had failed IVF cycles in past. This year, I'm going for surrogacy at a repro center in Ukraine. I mean, yeah! You can still have a child. I don't wanna ruin that for you. Keep trying darling; you deserve it! Sending you baby dust now. smile
Hello! Sorry to hear about your IVF failures. IVF failures take a lot from a woman. It is a good technique But sometimes It fails due to no reason. In my case, It also failed for two times. That failure made it too lengthy. It also became too much expensive. I was fed up. My husband was about to leave me. Then I decided to go for surrogacy as a last option. My whole family opposed my decision. But I had to complete my family. So I stood with it and went for the surrogacy. I got a surrogate son. So I also suggest you think about the surrogacy.
I am feeling bad for your condition. Well, I suggest you try again. Don't lose hope. No one can defeat you until or unless you did not lose yourself. Go for it again and be positive this time. I have heard many Success stories of IVF even of the 5th attempt. And you are losing yourself on just 2nd one. Well go for it in case if things did not work for you then no offence you can go for surrogacy. Hope so my opinion helps you I taking decisions.
Hey, I am sorry to hear about your 2 failed cycles. IVF can be very unpredictable however, I do know many people from whom it worked after the 5th cycle. So I would say that you should change your doctor first. Visit someone who has a more experience at this process. Always check the success rate of the doctor because signing up with them. Since you are suffering from PCOS I am sure IVF will work with better assistance. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
Hey there JeneliaSmith5! How are you holding up? I am so sorry for your loss. PCOS is a wide spread disease. Many here are effected by it. But thank God that there are ways to help women with PCOS out with having a child. One of those methods is IVF. IVF actually has an increasing success rate. But ofcourse, it matters that the procedure is carried out in the best possible environment. You need optimum conditions for it to work. For that, the choice of the right clinic is the most important thing. I had my surrogacy at Ukraine. Seeing how careful they wre with everything I suggest you go there. I got successful the first time around. And I have had my share of ffailures with IVF and IUI in America. I guess you should look my clinic up. Good luck dear.
hello there. Yes you can go for IVF. But surrogacy is a more successful process. Take care. Lots of love.
Hello Jeneliasmith5! How are you doing? I am sorry to know about your failures. I think you should try surrogacy now. Surrogacy is an awesome option to go with. You already have 2 failed IVFs. Now you shall give surrogacy a try. I hope you will be successful soon. Stay hopeful and strong. Don't worry about it too much. Surrogacy is helping many in need. I am also one of those. I think that is the reason I am suggesting you go for surrogacy. I had a wonderful experience. I wish you the same. Love and luck to you.
Hi. I hope you are well. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with fertility. PCOS is actually quite common. A lot of women go through it these days. But don’t worry. You can always have a baby. I think you should try IVF first. This procedure works best for women with PCOS. You need to have a heathy uterus for this to work though. You can go to Ukraine for it. Their services are great. Good luck. I’m praying for you.
Hi there! I'm so sorry about your failed attempts at IVF. It is very true that IVF works like magic on women who have PCOS. I'm sorry if you mind, but do you think your clinic is to be blamed, maybe? You shouldn't lose hope and you should give IVF another try. If you can, then change your clinic. I wish you luck and happiness, dear!
I am sorry to learn about your proble,. The COS is one of the causes of the infertility in many women. It is a omplicated health situation. It has several negative implications for the health of the women. You don't get worried dear. You have got the right information. IVF is really beneficial in case of the women suffering from the PCOS. A sound advice from a professional can give you the right solution.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. PCOS is really bad. a lot of women have this problem. and over the years it has been seen to grow in the age of 17-30. IVF is a great process to have a baby for yourself.
Hey Jene, hope you are doing well. I fell sorry for you. You are suffering from pain. I can understand you. We are in the same boat. You should have to go for surrogacy. Before contacting any clinic please keep in mind my experience that i am gonna share wit you. I am also an infertile. I can't conceive because of heart problem. Luckily my husband supported me. We thought about surrogacy. Our colleagues recommended us to visit Lotus clinic for surrogacy. We are from Japan. Lotus clinic is in Ukraine. So we decided to contact them via email for the info. We sent them several emails but they didn't bother to response. I tried to contact them via phone but no reply. They are scam.
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