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When to have first scan? Lock Rss

Hi all
I'm 6wks pregnant and today had my first doctors appointment. I was expecting her to give me a referral to have my dating scan and I was expecting to go next week. However, she said instead, that I need to have a first trimester screening with the downs triple test. She said I must do this between weeks 9 and 11. She said a month from today would be ideal. She said a dating scan wasn't necessary. She also didn't take my weight and blood pressure. When I got home I rang SKG to make an appointment for 11/3/10 but they said that I'll only be 10 weeks and thats too early as this test should be done in week 12. They also said I should have the dating scan and most women do. I don't know for sure when I'll be due as I had a miscarriage in december, so there was no 'first day of cycle'. I rang the doc and she was busy and said she'll ring back but she hasn't done so, and it has been a couple of hours. What's the normal practice?
With mine, I never had a dating scan because I knew LMP dates and when I'd conceived, although they do go by LMP dates.
Anyways, my first scans have always been around 12 weeks for the downs scan and 20 weeks for growth checks (I think) and gender scanning if desired.
With these scans they take measurements that can give a better/closer due date. If you're unsure though of LMP dates etc, I would think you would need a dating scan so that you have your future scans on time. They are done during quite a small window of time.
Good luck grin

with our 1st prenancy we were confident of dates, so no scan done till 19 weeks for morphology, this time looks the same and we are less sure of dates. i've been wondering at the number of scans many women on here seem to get as we only had the one 'proper' one at 20weeks, and the ob did a ultra quick check at my 36, 40 and 41 weeks visit.

on the downs screening i don't know sorry i know it's fairly specific timing to get it right but since we refused the test i haven't dealt with it personally.
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