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Won't Bottle Feed Lock Rss

I've been breast feeding exclusively and now my son Jaden is 5 months old. Even though we try to give him practice everyday, he can't drink out of a bottle no matter how many different teat sizes and brands we've tried. We've been trying to give him breast milk, water and formula out of the bottle, but he doesn't seem to drink any. Any tips, or is persistence the key?

Hi ya,

There are a few things you could try:

[item]Ditch the bottles and try a sippy cup, some babies who won't drink from a bottle will drink from a cup
[/item][item]Have someone other than you give him the bottle as again, some babies won't take a bottle if mum is there with the breast; ds2 is weird that way bc he will take a bottle off me. LOL
[/item][item]Try offering the bottle or cup when he is sleepy so just before he is due a sleep or just after he has woken up.

The following link has some ideas as well.


Hope that helps


Hi Ladies,

I was having the same problem with my DS who is 15weeks. I really wanted him to be able to take one feed a day out of a bottle so if I need to leave him with someone for more than 2 hours I could. After reading all the suggestions on here I went out and bought the Tommy Tippee natural bottle and he still cracked it so I tried walking around the house while feeding him and it worked! Distraction is the key it would seem. I tried him again on the next feed still expecting a struggle and he barely fought it and fed like a champion without me having to walk around the house.
Thanks ladies for your invaluble advice.

<a href=

Hi Ladies

Hope you don't mind me dropping in, I had exactly the same problem with my little man. I breastfeed him exclusively for 7 months and went through the same thing I tried every teat and bottle available and formula as well. I also tried having other people give him the bottle with no success. I have only now stopped breastfeeding and he is 10 months old and even now he still doesn't drink a full bottle. I found that the tommy tippee closer to nature bottles were the best as they are really soft and are supposed to be very close to being like a breast and cooper only took to lactogen formula which you can buy from woolies. Cooper was really hard to wean but I persisted and slowly cut back his feeds, so it has taken me 3 months to fully wean him to a bottle.

Sorry for such a long post by the way our clinic nurse was no help at all so I just did it on my own. So if you need any support I am hear cause I know how emotional and stress full it can be. Hope this helps


Thanks i have been having the same problem my little on is 5 months old, he will take water from the bottle but nothing else. I was about to write a post but it's already here.
Now i just have to remember to check it... Mummy Brain (lol)
I too have been using the tommee tipper bottle the close to nature ones i find they are really easy to hold too.

Any way thanks again
Hi Jaden's Mummy,

A friend of mine who is currently weaning her four and a half month old little girl from breast to bottle has recently had great success using the Pidgon brand bottles and getting her hubby to start offering the bottle feeds while she sat out of the babies line of sight and also far enough away so she couldn't smell her milk (apparently this is so!). She also started her daughter by giving her a dream feed late at night (giving the baby a feed while still asleep) and offering the bottle late at night or first thing in the morning when they can be most hungry.

I saw one of the other ladies recommend a sippy cup and I recently saw one for 3 months + by Avent at a Priceline Pharmacy (I think most of them usually start at 6+)

I've tried the NUK slipper cup which my plunket nurse recommended, but still no luck. It's definatly coming out, but he just lets in run down his chin rather than swallowing it.

Hi Taz27

Cooper was the same would take water and nothing else I tried adding small amounts of breast milk to the water just to get him used to the taste and gratually increased the amount until he was drinking staight breast milk. I then did the same with his formula by adding small amounts to the breast milk until it was all formula. Hope this helps


I would definately persist with a sipper cup. My little man was exactly the same.
Coops Mum, I can sympathise with you because Blake is the same age and I have been trying to wean him for about four months. I have stopped feeding him during the day (about a week and a half ago) and only breast feed him at night when he wakes up hungry. He also doesn't take a full bottle.

DS March 07

Hi Ness 5

You poor thing I think that weaning is the most stressfull event, I can handle him crying but just trying to get them to try it omg, I cried more than what he did.

Cooper was the same he would never drink a full bottle but I just started at the smallest amount of formula that you can mix (measurements on the can) then as he drank that I increased to the next amount, it was a long and stressfull 3 months but now he drinks 220ml of formula, but still trys to get some booby but there is no going back. I finally have my boobs back although they are definately not the same as before I had him lol lol.....[/img][/url]

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