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Sleep & Settling


Your Baby's Sleep Lock

"How long does your baby sleep?" and "how do you get them to sleep?" are some...

27 replies

For the first few months of his life, Laura Welk’s baby, Greyson, was a dream sleeper. He had regular naps during the day, and all i...


Sleep for your baby Lock

This article was very helpful for us. Finally sleep for your baby!

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Good Lock

It is brilliant blog. I like the way you express information to us. It is very useful for me. You...

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Sleep cycle messed up, baby keeps up all night Lock

My little boy keeps me up ALL night every day. My only option is to then sleep during the day but...

4 replies

Hello, there is a very effective tool that will help you and your baby. You and your child can drink tea or milk with the addition o...


Hiccups Lock

After feeding my new born every time and after a good burp he always has the hiccups can anyone r...

1 reply

Yes! My little girl had bad reflux when she was newborn - 2 months and she would get hiccups that seemed to hurt. I have a theory t...


Sleep issues Lock

Hello! My son is two years old and began to have trouble sleeping. He falls asleep to music but w...

1 reply

Yes, I have the same question


Help! 2month old won't nap Lock

Hi! My son is 8 weeks old now. He was usually a fairly good sleeper but since he's turned 6 ...

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Help - 2hourly night wake ups / 4m regression Lock

Hi, I need some help/advice My 20 week old is waking 2 hourly for feeds and is eating 2 hourly du...

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sarah watson

Getting Baby to Sleep at Night Lock

Does your baby sleep through the day, and keep you up at night? This has been the cry of mothers ...

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Upset between sleep and feed!!! Lock

My 5 month old DS isn't content to play after his daytime naps until he is due for a feed. He fe...

4 replies

its a simple concern who every kid face in their sleeping but reading for them a little cute story that put them into a nap that is ...


Scared to sleep Lock

Hi everyone, My 15 month old who was a straight 12-13 hour sleeper has gone completely backwards ...

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Night time tragedy Lock

My girl is 17 months now and 2 weeks ago she srarted waking up after 2-3 hr sleep at night and th...

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9 month old and bedding Lock

Just wondering if and what sleeping bags people use on there babies. My 9 mth old has started cra...

1 reply

I see that site and I inspired to your struggle. As we know that most of the people are used to the Voucher. Voucher is helpful for ...


HELP My baby wont sleep! Lock

My baby is 6.5 months and I am having trouble with her sleeping. I had no problems until she tur...

12 replies

The information you have posted is really cool and very helpful, I will often visit your site. atari breakout


CIO Sleep Training and need help! Lock

Hey all im in need of some advice. My baby is 9 months and wakes 6-7 times a night co sleeping w...

5 replies

Laverne, I had the same problem. Tried sleep training and some other things because it was hard to calm our baby down. For the first...


Do you use sleeping bags with bedding (sheets &/or blankets)?? Lock

Hello everyone We are in the process of transitioning our 19wk son from swaddle to sleeping bag....

8 replies

Hey what do you think about weighted blanket? I recently read an article about it on and wondered whet...


10 month old nighttime waking Lock

I have been doing Save Our Sleep 'Tizzie Hall' routine since DS was 7 mnths and he started sleepi...

1 reply

I'm sorry for bumping this old thread, but this is an absolute lifesaver, I just feel like sharing this with somebody. Baby Sl...


HELP!!! 9 month old sleep problems Lock

I was hoping somebody would be able to help me. My DS is 9 months old and is having trouble with...

3 replies

I'm sorry for bumping this old thread, but this is an absolute lifesaver, I just feel like sharing this with somebody. Baby Sl...


12 Month old is waking 5-8 times through the nigh... Lock

Hi all I was wondering if you had any suggestions my 12 month old son wakes approx 5 to 8 times d...

5 replies

I'm sorry for bumping this old thread, but this is an absolute lifesaver, I just feel like sharing this with somebody. Baby Sl...


11 month old not sleeping through and waking for feeds. Screaming unless bottle at night. Lock

My 11 month old wakes sometimes two times a night for a feed. I am over it. I am a working mum ...

17 replies

@JV8B5D @JJJ’s I was reading your posts and I am in the exact same situation, it’s nice to hear I’m not alone.. do you have any advi...


Baby hammocks. Success or failure. Lock

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone out there can tell me their experiences with baby hammocks...

5 replies

My baby cried the first 2 months, but when he used a hammock he was sleeping well. But depending on your baby, y...


13 month old with sleep/settling issues Lock

Hi, My 13 month old daughter has never really been the best night sleeper but we did get her dow...

11 replies

This is a very common situation and sometimes lasts up to three years. At least this is the age when my friend's son finally st...


Baby wraps or carriers....any advice on the best one? Lock

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the baby wrap or carrier that they used and how they fou...

7 replies

Birth_Of_Baby wrote: I have a Baby Bjorn and a hugabub wrap. I've stopped using the Bjorn as it's the older style with out...

KaylaRicki-Lee Mae

My baby won't sleep in her bassinet or cott! Lock

I have a beautiful 12 week old daughter happy and healthy and nearly sleeps through most of the n...

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Pregnancy Pillow Lock

Looking for recommendations for pregnancy pillows : )

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Bedside bassinets/co sleepers? Lock

Interested to hear from people who have a bedside sleeper/bassinet (aka co sleeper bassinet)? i ...

1 reply

I loved having a co-sleeper bassinet, so we got the closeness of bedsharing, but the baby had his own space. I was too paranoid wit...


My 7 month old suddenly waking through the night! Lock

My 7 and a half month old DD had been sleeping through the night soundly from 6.30-7pm until 6.30...

10 replies

Hello, I was just wondering if you solved what it was because that could be word for word what my baby is going through right now!

Huggies Support

5 top sleep tips Lock

Getting your little one to sleep through the night or let's face it just for a few hours str...

1 reply

My baby times to times suddenly start crying at night and not always these tips helps.. but thanks anyway, useful bits of advice


Anyone use a carrier for their baby Lock

Hi all my son is 9 weeks and I end up spending most days carrying him in the front pack or holdin...

1 reply

I used the baby carrier only to go out alone. Coz if without my hubby, its realy hard for me to bring bb out with stroller. For exam...


9 month old routine Lock

Hi just wondering if anyone's bubs get up at 6 and are around 9 months old. If so, what is your g...

8 replies

My little bub is 9 months old.. We had a sleep specialist come over this is the routine she gave us: 7-9.30am wake up and have brea...

first-time mum

eczema and sleep through Lock

Hi all, My baby girl is 6.5 month old and has eczema all over her body. The demertologists pres...

7 replies

Food allergies can play a massive part in childhood/infant eczema. Our son now 3 still has to watch foods or he breaks out in weepin...


Co-sleeping Lock

Hello all I've been co-sleeping with my little one who is now 1 years old since his birth ho...

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Schedule during the day - 4 week old?? Lock

I have been trying the feed/play/sleep routine but I wanted to know if anyone else's baby will so...

6 replies

Hi mummies! I found this blog post very helpful for me! These are tips on how to set the stage for baby sleep:


Does a newborn need a bouncer? Lock

I am expecting a baby and trying to buy everything in advance. I already have a cot and a bassine...

12 replies

I apologize for bumping...just my experience... The swing's lowest setting may be too fast if your baby is small (weight slows...