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Hi i am looking for a job to work from home, I am just wondering if anyone has heard of home business solutions, you set up your own website and sell products online[/img][/url]

Hi cookie monster
I work from home, but as a freelance writer, however I now of two great sites with lots of work from home opportunities listed -
They both have job listings, as well as articles and ideas for trying to set up a work from home lifestyle for yourself.
Good luck - its a great gig if you can get it!!
I run the FreeBEE Mums facebook page. It lists casual, part time, and home based jobs throughout NZ. I personally ad the jobs so there are no 'schemes'... just genuine jobs smile

Cheers, Jocelyn
Hi All

I am currently on maternity leave and ideally would like to work from home if i could.
Does anyone know any work from home jobs for data entry that pays well, and isnt a scam?
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Jodie_Richardson
I'm also on mat leave and was due to go back to work next week actually smile
I couldn't bring myself to put DS into daycare so I started researching work from home opportunities. And yes, there are A LOT of scams!
However, after quite a lot of searching, I found the perfect (for me and hopefully for you!) home business.
I'm earning more now than I was at work as well, bonus!
If you would like to find out more info, please visit my website and fill in your contact details. I will then call you personally.
Hi Butters84

Thanks for your email. Thats great you dont have to go back to work, and its a bonus you are earning more working from home. I looked at the website and i dont think its for me. I really appreciate your help though.
Im not really looking to be in a bussiness partnership. Ill keep on searching. What sort of bussiness is it that you have, did you have to outlay any money?

Cheers smile
cookie monster and jodie, have you considered party plan?? i am a body shop at home consultant, so i get to work around my family, and my nightfill job. the bonus with the body shop over tupperware is that it's a consumable so that when people run out, they need more, and that's how you get regular customers, plus your parties. if you would like more info, let me know and i can fill you in more smile
Thanks Meerkat for your ideas, im not really good at selling things.
im really good at office work though. Thanks heaps for your help, if you know any other websites that have data entry jobs working from home or even stuffing envelopes it would be great. i would like to earn at least $400 a week part time. Ive looked on heaps of websites like seek my career and i havent had any luck yet. smile
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