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ALERT!! 95% of car seats are installed WRONG!! Lock Rss

hey all parents out there,

im the proud mummy of a 15mth little girl and have a boy due tomorrow (like thats going to happen! lol) we recently purchased our second baby seat and just on a whim decided to get it professionally fitted, i recommend this for all parents for at least one seat just so you can see how its done. If your seat is fitted wrong it will not protect your angel effectively in an accident.
95% of seats are fitted WRONG as you need a small metal belt clip (that costs $5 AUD in any baby store) in order to fit the seat correctly. this clip is NOT supplied with the seat nor is it mentioned in any manual instructions for installation, this is a terrible lapse of regulation on the governments part.
the clip fuctions by locking the lap sash tight around the base of the baby seat, effectively holding it firm to the seat of your car, the locking mechanism in the shoulder strap of a regular car does not operate the same way that if would if an adult was wearing it in an accident. coupled with the anchor point the belt acts as pendulum and simply throws your child around a bit.
THE BASE MUST BE FIRM! it should leave a square imprint in your cars seat when removed, if this is not the case then its not tight enough and you may as well have paid $300 for a cardboard box.

Please investigate this further by asking at your local baby store or approved baby seat fitter.
when we had our car seat installed professionally (by the people licenced by queensland transport who fitted the anchor points to our dual cab ute so they would know what they are taking about) they didn't mention this at all in either car so maybe it's just certain seats/cars that need this? these guys were very careful to show us how to fit the seat in each car.
If its the piece I think you are talking about, one of these was supplied with my booster seat when I bought it for my 4 (now almost 6) year old. It used on the seat belt to convert it to a lap sash so it can be used with the H or Protecta Harness. This wasnt needed with my baby seat (that my almost 11 month old) is using. The seat belt for her seat is fitted tightly and there is no need for this extra clip.

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