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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

He he he I watch all the talk at teeth and just laugh. Poor old Alex only has 5, two of which are just breaking the gum. My eldest boy was a late teether too so not too worried. Doesn't stop him eating though. He eats and chews fine with what he has got. The funniest thing is he has the two bottom front, then the two top eye teeth came next and one front top has just broken the gum. He looks like a little lopsided vampire. LOL

He is still only 10kg in weight but as he runs everywhere and has been for 3 months I am not concerned there either. He eats well. It is his little brother that concerns me he is 10kg as well. 10mths younger and same weight. He is long too though.

Hope all the March 07 bubs are good

currently being updated please check back later.

Hello fellow March 07 mums,

Im very ecited to announce i am having #2. Yay, im sooo excited. Have not been on here for ages.

Update date om Chloe, now 14 months - She is very active, talking alot in her own language, LOVES wiggles and dancing and trys to sing. She is a real little toddler now, no longer a baby. She loves the idea of a new brother or sister and i think she is going to be a great big sister. Ive been teaching her to be gentle with her dollys and she is so cute when i say give baby a kiss she kisses it on the lips.

Well, ill try to get on here more often, im working full time and when i get home i have my hands full with Chloe so not much time to spare these days.
congrats on #2 100%purelove. how exciting to be expecting again. I hope all is going well for you and the ms isn't to bad. well all is well here we are in the middle of moving so must keep going. just thought I would see what everyone was upto.

have a great day.


Hi Everyone,

It has been absolutely AGES since I was last on here... heaps of new additions, I should check our list and see where everyone else has gone!
Well my Cameron is a nugget! 11kgs at 15 months, a head full of blonde hair, blue eyes and eyelashes that a lot of females would pay good money for!
Couldnt much different to Amber (nearly 5 now) she is a very petite 14kgs, straight reddish brownish, blondish hair (oh yeah Id pay money for that colour!) and the darkets brown eyes.
Cam doesnt know how to walk... he's too busy running after his sister. He is addicted to his Bunky Bear, says Hay Babeee and growls at me when I tell him off!
Very cheeky little nugget!
Hope everyone is going well - off to ballet now! (for her - not him!)
I will try and post a pic of the kids soon...
Sorry for the novel!

Jenie xxx

Jen, WA ( Amber 03/09/03, Cameron 27/02/07)

hi everyone.

well we are all moved now and the girls love the new big back yard. they run around all day. Natalie has just reached 9kg (on home scales) so am very happy she just won't sit still when she is awake. even when eating she won't sit still. i joked with dh this morning that no wonder we cant get any weight on her we put 500calories in and she burns 600 eating them, she was dancing while eating breakfast.

well best go me two cherubs fell asleep while i typed this. i should have waited and done this later. oh well

i hope all is well with those that have bubs on the way.


ps sorry for the long post

Helloo, just bumping up..
Lil A is now 16mths..
He is such a lil boy now...
HI just a quick one to give an update. All is well here and the girls are growing up fast. Since we are now starting to tell the family I guess I can tell my Huggies family too that #3 is on the way. I am now about 10 weeks. I go for a confermation of dates u/s next thursday so will keep you posted. Well best go lots to do.

I hope everyone else is doing well. Missing you all on here.


Congrats Joyleen, on no:3 on the way..
good luck..
just bumping, how are all of the toddler's going?
Chloe is 20 months now, walking, talking and into everything. Loves play-dough and painting and riding her trike. Looking forward to Xmas this year as we are getting her a swing set.

Hope everyone is well, its been ages.
Hi ladies

Doesn't look like anyone has posted on here for a long time but I cant help myself - I nearly cried when I found this! Hope some of you remember me from the March 2007 pregnancy thread, I had to go on maternity leave early and didn't have pc at home so havent been able to come back on until now. Just been reading through here to see how everyone is - missed you all SO MUCH. Hope you all are well and SO hope to be able to talk to you all soon - huggies has changed a lot so taking me a while to catch up he he.

Lots of love and hugs from Linda and Josh (11/3/07)

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

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