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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Joey and Beth

Isaac sleeps on his belly too. I dont worry about it as i know he will shift if he needs to. As soon as i put him to bed he rolls straight onto his belly (usually with his bum in the air, its so cute). I roll him on his side when i go to bed but he always ends up back on his belly.

Beth congrats on the preg hun, you are going to be 1 busy mumma!!! Though im sure you will love it.
Hope all is well with everyone xx

Darcy worked out the crawling thing last nigh and he looked so proud of himself but i was mean i kept moving the remote control away from him so he had to keep crawling after it yes he is a real male he is already chasing the remote control
As funny as it was last night it was funnier this morning as he had forgotten how to crawl again you could see him thinking i had this yesterday
he seems to have remembered now as he seems to got going again hopefully he isn't sufferering the fifty first date's syndrome

Congratulations Darcy!...

Now he's crawling there'll be no stopping him...

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

happy to report Darcy remembered how to crawl this morning so jp409c is correct there is now no stopping him
and i think my wife broke all records in going from i wished you hurry up and crawl to i wish you never learnt to crawl all of ten minutes into day two
my mother was worse she went from you need to crawl to you need to learn to walk within 3 hours of him crawling

Chloe is now sleeping on her tummy too no matter how many times a night i roll her onto her side she just rolls onto her tummy again so i given up and she is now offically a tummy sleeper. Chloe is also now pulling herself up onto furniture and letting go!! She always falls down but i think she may be attempting to stand alone already? I was walking at 9mths and i think the rate Chloe is going she might be awell, fun and games. She goes to bed a 7pm then gets up once for a bottle at around 3am then goes back to sleep till about 7am. Ummm what else, she loves toys that play music or light up when she touches them oh and she can wave goodbye and say tat ar, she gives kisses (and sticks her tounge out) and can say gog (for dog). She is doing really well, im so proud of her.
Bye for now!!
Hi All

How is every one? Well cooper went for his first sleep over at nannies last night, as I had to go to my friends hens night, Well I was soo sad when he left and I missed him like crazy. But he had a really great night and so did I, a few to many cocktails though , it is the first drink in about 2 years, so it didnt take many before my head was spinning. Well cooper is trying to crawl but still just hasnt got it, he has finally cut through 2 bottom teeth he looks so cute. well not much more to report
will chat soon bye xoxox[/img][/url]

Hello hello!!! to our mummies and dad!!!
I have been AWOL for a few weeks, because our nephew was visiting from Germany.
Annika is 8mths old now, how did that happen????
She has 6 teeth!!! #7 is almosty through with 2 more about to cut!!!
She claps hands, waves and spins in circles on her bum.
She showed me she can caterpillar crawl, but has not done it since. She will grab hold of you, pull herself up and take steps though!!!
Today she is having an ultra sound on her hips and pelvis, her hips seem to be out of alignment.
It also looks like she has tongue tie, we go to the specialist on the 19th for that.
Some nights are just aweful! She will wake every hour grrr so unlike her, but like DH said she is collecting a mouthful of teeth at a rapid pace. Hope that's all it is lokl
Last night was better so fingers crossed.
Better stop rambling for the moment or there will be too much to read lol
take care til next novel lol

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Posted by: naomi77
Annika is 8mths old now, how did that happen????
Some nights are just aweful! She will wake every hour grrr so unlike her

Hey, totally agree, WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Where's my baby gone... totally on the move and not that little baby we once had in our arms.
Ryan is 7.5mths now and boy is he strong. He loves to push his toes into your thighs while holding or feeding him...grrr I hate that. And Pinch, boy he can leave a mark.

Must be the whole teething issue because Ryan has started to wake around the 3am mark and will carry on and won't go back to sleep until I give him a bottle and a cuddle.

Working fulltime and getting up at 3am is not sustainable I can tell you.

Hope everyone is well and bubbys are keeping you on your toes.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

tooth #7 has arrived lol
last night she woke twice, but I didn't feed her.
I have re-read my cc book, when DH comes back from tassie I may have to do this with her.
Self settling seems to be a thing of the past. I don't know how this happened, I think because we went away for a week and it really threw her.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi guys thought i'd pop in with an update on DD. She was born on 23.03.07 8 weeks early she can roll both ways, used to say mummy, dada, hello and hi but stopped a few weeks ago... seems she's forgotton how. She loves yelling and sitting playing with her toys, can hold her sippy cup sometimes, starting to wave, blows raspberries, sticks her tongue out and has no interest in crawling whatsoever. She has no teeth but has been teething for months and seems to be doing pretty well for a prem bubba other than the fact she's not even 7kg.
Well it has been ages since I last posted. Natalie is now up and going. She now is pushing the push-along-trolly across the room and Helen tries to make her run. She is also walking around all the furniture, has 7 teeth now (Cut the 7th today, and is very tired so better go now.

will try not to leave it so long until next post.


Hi All

How is every one today, Well Cooper has finally managed to army crawl, he is so quick, we have had to put every thing away and out of reach. We now have 2 teeth, and I think more are on the way. Well back to work tomorrow for 4 hours a day 3 days a week. I went to the doctors the other day as Cooper has a lazy eyelid when he gets tired it is really noticable so the doc thought we should see an eye specialist just incase it is his eye, anyway I called to see when we could make and appointment, and the lady said not til July next year. OMG how busy are they, that is a long time to wait especially if there is something wrong with his eye. Well enought rambling just thought I would give you guys an update

Chat soon xoxox[/img][/url]

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