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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

HI all, thought I might jump in too if that is ok. Alex was born on 15 March 2007. He has no teeth yet. He is crawling commando style and has been for about 3 weeks. He sleeps through mosts nights and has 2-3 feeds a day of solids and 4 bottles. Beth like you I never got my period back and then found out I was expecting again. I thought I was 6-8 weeks when I had a dating scan only to discover I was actually 18 and half weeks. I am due in Jan 08 so will only have 10 months difference. I found heridiod (sp?) ointment from the chemist fantastic for bumps and bruises with the older two kids. Good luck all with the 7 month olds.

currently being updated please check back later.

Wow, I can't believe all the baby dust in our thread. Congrats to all the expecting mums. I loved being pregnant and having all my bubs and would do it over and over again but then I remember that the three that I have are quite enough.

Tegan has started to crawl, it is so funny to watch, its more like a lot of little leaps but she can certainly move across the room well.

Looks like she is trying to clap, and today noticed that she is trying her hardest to get back into a seated position from laying down. She hasn't got any bumps yet but has been pulling alot of things ontop of herself lately so it wont be long.

Anyone else still dream feeding? I can remember dropping these feeds with both other kids by now but little Teagan seems to want more not less. Can't complain she sleeps till at least 6-6.30 most days, suppose I just cant wait to go to bed at 9 instead of 11 especially with going back to work soon.

My busy house

Hi girls

Just a quick update on Isaac. Yes Isaac has bumps and bruises everywhere. He is just go go go!! He wont sit still for a second. He has started to explore the kitchen drawers (all the plastics are at his level lol). And the coffee table drawer. Atm he is only interested in opening them, so he is not up to pulling it all out yet. His fourth tooth is coming down (top 1). He is practicing talking too. He hasnt said bub for a while , but is trying to say dad dad. DH is as proud as punch smile. Isaac just adores his daddy.
He doesnt feed through the night anymore and normal wake up time is 6am. He still has a morning and arvo nap.
Some other solids he is now eating are arrowroot biscuits and toast with vegemite.
He got another cold yesterday. The joys of childcare!! Speaking of childcare, he was bitten again this week. Twice in the 1 day!! Thats now 3 times he has been bitten. We were very upset that this could happen.

Thats about it for now. Hope everyone is doing great. Oh and Naomi, hows things? We havnt caught up for a while.
Till next time xx

Hi All

well just an update on cooper, OMG teeth are driving me crazy poor little man they were coming up and down but have finally come through 2 bottom little munchers, and are very sharp. Well he is pushing himself up on all fours and rocking back and forth how cute. Well you girls are so lucky having bubs sleep through to 5 or 6 cooper is still waking up about 5 times a night talk about sleep deprived. I am back to work in 2 weeks dont wont to go back sad will be very sad and probably have a cry but anyway that the way life is.

fi76 poor Isaac is he ok, the girls at the centre should be keeping a very close eye on the little bitter, and intervene when he or she is getting to close to another child, you have every right to be upset. I understand as I am a director at a childcare and deal with bites, however I would be speaking with the Director at your centre and checking out why this is happening so frequently. Good luck and I hope Isaac is ok

Chat soon[/img][/url]

My DS was born on the 9 march 2007 he does not have any teeth he is tring to crawl but cant work it out.His name is Ashton.i have a 12 DS and a 8 DD.Thats it for me my family is wishes to everyone with there little ones.....
Hi girls

Thanks coopsmum. I spoke to the director last week and she apologised profusely. I know they cant have eyes in the back of their head but yes they do need to keep an extra eye on him. I think he is just easy prey for the bigger ones. He got a pinch on the cheek yesterday off one of them. I have been told that the biting child wont be there after xmas so im hoping that is true. We have started telling Isaac no if he goes to bite us. I mean, how hard is it to teach your child no????
Sounds like coop will be crawling in no time!! You poor thing having to get up so much at night. Does he want feeds or does he just need settling again? Was it his teeth? Isaac woke up a couple of times when his top teeth were coming through, he just needed a bum change and to be settled again. I hope coop starts to sleep through soon for you. You will probably find that he is so tired after child care that he will sleep much better. Isaac is always very tired after a day at child care.
Anyway must go get some things done while he is napping. Hope everyone is great. Chat soon xx

Ryan has been sick with HIGH Fever (tipped at 39.9) and had an earache.. now he's back to his normal happy self only to wake up this morning all clogged up and coughing... If it's not one thing it's another.

Ryan got bottom 3 teeth about 3 weeks ago all in one day then nothing since...however I did notice his top 2 have just slitted the gum. Thank god.

Whoever said that teething does not hurt is full of it...

Ryan moves about the floor on his belly and kicks his legs and arms like his sky diving. Hasn't quite worked out the crawling business but is happy to sit and play for now.

He's also started to wake anytime from midnight to 4am for a feed, usually a full 240ml..
He'll wake and have a full 240ml but won't have anymore then 80ml during the day then will have a full one again late at night and middle of the night....

Seems my boy - daytime is eating and nighttime is drinking.

glad to hear updates on all the bubs.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hi fi76

Your more than welcome, if you need any advice just message me. I really hope for your sake that the bully leaves after xmas, and I agree how hard is it to teach them no. Well Coop wakes for a feed at around 10 is then the rest of the time he just needs settling I have tried everything but to now avail, a friend suggested controlled crying but I really dont like that idea. He has been like this ever since he was born, the nurses certainly had their hands full in the scn in hospital when he was born, they would call me and tell me he was awake again so off I would go to the hospital to feed or settle him at all hours 10 min drive. But I guess he is just no good at sleeping. I am hoping he will be worn out when I go back to work cause I know I will be. Any way better go he just woke up. Will chat soon[/img][/url]

Just another update. Victorias going really well still no crawling but shes trying her hardest. Solids going great, some foods i try and feed her she makes out like im poisoning her, her facial expresions are hilarious.
Had my ultrasound today for 2 nd bubs im 18 weeks and he/she due 5th April, about 2 1/2 weeks after Victorias birthday. Fun and games ahead..

Posted by: cutiepiesmum
Had my ultrasound today for 2 nd bubs im 18 weeks and he/she due 5th April..

Hey Beth....5th of April is my birthday so I feel quite chuffed now.

Victoria sounds like Ryan, not crawling but tries very hard and gets quite cranky at the fact he can't quite reach the toy he wants. He does spin around and gets to the toy eventually.

QUESTION for you all.... Ryan goes to bed around 8.30pm and now his top two teeth have broken the gum he is sleeping til morning and not waking up for a feed. He is still wrapped in a light cotton sheet but gets his arms out and rolls onto his belly. The last 3 mornings I have found him on his belly with head to the side and arms out wide.... He looks comfortable and I don't want to wake him by rolling him over and rewrapping him...

What do you do? Do you think our bubs are old enough now to let them sleep on their stomach's. I don't encourage this to Ryan but he does it during the night.....

hope all your kiddies are well and staying safe.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

It is so funny watching them trying to crawl. Victorias always up on her knees and hands swaying but when every she wants to go forward she will lay her head flat on the ground and try and push her self along. Shes a little show off. Shes doing the same as Ryan and doing the spins.
Ive got the same issue with Victoria, i wrap her when she goes to bed but when i look in on her when i go to bed her arms are out and most times shes on her belly. I think there prob old enough, we cant be turning them back each and every time, they must be comfortable and peaceful. But thats just my opinion.!!



thanks for the post and yes totally agree they do look comfy and peaceful, and I'd be never ending turning him over...and waking him.

That's what I figure, he's old enough to lift his head and if he's happy to sleep that way that's cool. My DH works night shift so he always checks him when he gets home then I check him at 6am when I go to work....


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

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