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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone

How are we all today? I am really good. Nat my bub who is breastfed feeds every 3 to 4 hours during the day sometimes more and then has a 6 to 8 hours between her night feeds if I am lucky or she might decide to feed more often overnight.

Well I had better go Helen is needing me for something.

Have a great day.

Hi everyone

I have now officially had to lay all the 00000 and 0000 clothes to rest and bring out the 000. This is so sad when this happens as now the growing doesn't stop. If only there was some way of keeping our babies this little and innocent forever. My daughter was holding Brandon on her lap yesterday and Brandons head is almost as big as hers. I should say that she is quite petite. I can not believe how big he is getting. Everyone is getting smiles from him now too. It just melts your heart when they smile doesn't it.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Yes those smile really do melt the heart. Our bubs are all growing up so fast now. I think I will have to put my 0000 to rest soon to. I am now using mostly 000. I was given a really cute 0000 out fit the other day but it has been to hot to use it yet. (it is long sleeve and I haven't gone out anywhere special at night with her yet) I may just have to put her in the outfit take a few photos and pack it away.

What are the ages and weights of everyons children now.

My 20 month old is now 11kg and my 6 week old is now 4.4kg (weighed on our home scales by weighing me holding her and then taking my weight off)
[Edited on 29/04/2007]

Hi Joyleen

It is such a shame when you have an outfit that is so adorable but then you can't get to put it on. I am the same. Brandon has these little board shorts but now it has cooled down.
I haven't had a chance to weigh Brandon since his 4wk check and I was so flat out last week that I forgot to go to the doctors for the 6wk check. I will have to book an appointment tomorrow for Wednesday. I think he will around 5.5kg now. Jake my eldest is sick at the moment so he hasn't been at school which doesn't help.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hi Everyone!
Been away for a few days Annika's first holiday! It was lovely, went with mum and dad, so not only did the kids get spoilt, I did too!
Annika had her 6 week check up on the 17th (so she was 6.5 wks) she weighed 5015gms!!!! that's exactly 2kgs she has put on since birth! Dominik weighs 15kgs at 2yrs.
So my kids may start out small, but there must be something in my milk that piles the weight on. I compared what both the kids weighed at 6wks, Dominik was 800gm heavier and longer, so I guess Annika is small compared.
Annika is still mostly in 0000, except the bonds rompers (000) all the other rompers in 000 flog her! IKWYM about mourning the upgrade in clothing size, it's like admitting that your tiny baby is getting bigger.
Annika has days where she just feeds all days, and catnaps, other days, she feeds every 3-4 hours. But at night she is true to form, sleeping well. Last night 8.30pm until 5am. Not bad, it's fantastic!
We are off to get her 2mth needles on Thursday, I hate doing it, I don't like to see them in pain, but it's for a good reason.
Ok I will finish my novel for now, and catch up again soon.....
[Edited on 07/05/2007]

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi March Mum's,

I've only recently joined, although I have been reading about some of you through my pregnancy as Huggies wouldn't let me sign up as they were about to update the forum.
My little man Matthew was born at the Mater Mothers in Brisbane on the 25th March, so he's 5 weeks. He weighed in at a healthy 4.18kg, length 56cm. At his 4 week checkup last week he weighed 5.47kg so he's packing on the weight. The doctor also detected a systolic murmur so we have to go for an echocardiogram.
I also have a DD, Cassy 21months, she's been coping pretty well with the new addition. She loves to smother her brother with kisses and cuddles. A few times I've caught her trying to share food with him so I'm always on the look out now.
Better go, DS is wanting his next feast.


Cassy n Matty

Hi all,

I've also only recently joined, have only just found out about the site & forum, but am enjoying it. My daughter Tannah Grace was born on 19th March, she's now 6 weeks old. She weighed 4.38kg at her 4 week checkup, a kilo more than when she was born.
Am getting used to being a mum, enjoying it more every day, now that she is starting to smile and be more active. Would love a little more sleep though! She's had the odd night where she's slept for around 7 hours, but usually she's awake around 4ish. Hopefully more nights of 7 hours sleep won't be too far away.


Hello everyone,

I am also a newby having just found out about this site from Plunket.

I am a first time mum to Lukas. He was born on the 9th March after a 23 hour labour. He has weighed in today at 5.13kgs (11 lb 5oz) which is up from his birth weight of 3.58 kgs (7lb 14oz).

We are so lucky as right from day one, he has only ever woken once a night - usually around 1 o'clock.

I am enjoying motherhood andstaying at home with my little man although it still seems a bit unreal at times. Dad is also enjoying parenthood and took 6 weeks off with us after the birth. I think he is secretly very disapointed at having to return to work and is missing the daily contact.

hi everyone

Welcome to the new mums, I am glad you came to join us. I can't stay long my bub is crying and might need mummy.

All the best and I hope you have a good day.


Yep, here to quickly second Joyleen, welcome new mums, the more the merrier. So where are some of our oldies, Blue are you out there????
Anyway today Annika had her 2 month needles, she took them well, a bit of a scream with the second needle, but a b/f settled her.
Had to dash next door to the neighbours this evening, I realised that the panadol I have is from 1-5yrs grrrr, still good for Dominik though. Luckily the neighbour had some for little ones. I had to give her some because she started to get quite warm, and was really unsettled, not her happy self.
So just a warning make sure you have the right type of pain relief on hand just in case when it's your turn.
2 mths old today, what happened? Where was I when this time passed me by???
Okies off to bed, catch up on much needed zzzzzzz

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

I have made sure with the change of seasons that there is plenty of panadol for all. My only problem is that they are all at different age groups so now I have to buy three seperate ones, 1mth - 2yrs, 2 - 5yrs and 6+ (which are tablets) The lady at the chemist told me that my son could have the 2-5year one but would just need a larger dose but looking at his weight he'd almost need half a bottle so not really worth it.

Brandon has his needles on Tuesday so fingers crossed. OH my, just thinking about Tuesday is tiring me out. I have appointments all day long. Not fun.

When Brandon is awake in the pram while at the shops I now have to put him partially sitting if not he whinges that he can't see. It's amazing how much they like to take in. He also likes to sit in his bouncer near the telly or watching me.

Okay enough of a blab. I'd better go do vac the floor, do some washing and all the other daily requirements.


Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hello everyone.

I have my 6 week check on Tuesday even though it has now been 7 weeks since I had Natalie. I am not sure if I will get her needles on Tuesday or if I will wait until the week after. I have made an appointment for the following week but I might see if I can get them done this week, save me going back again so soon.

I hope Natalie dosen't need the pain & fever relief, it makes me feel bad for giving the needles then. I guess it would be worse if she came down sick though.

Well I guess I had better go before this gets any longer to read. I hope you are all having a great weekend with your family.


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