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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi girls,
just thought i would bump this tread up to the top!!!
Not much has been happening down south its starting to
get warm the sun is out today so me and Liam went
for a walk down the street.
He's still only little 5690gm at last weigh in
so we went to the paedo on wed and he told me to
feed him up. So he's mainly on formula still drinks from
me, having farex and im gonna start him on vegies.
Next week at mums group one of the mums is gonna show us
how to do it. Should be fun. Still not rolling nearly
his two bottom teeth are nearly through too!!!
DH still away 2 weeks and 5 days til he comes home yeah!!!!

Hey Danielle, don't worry too much about his weight cause if I remember correctly you said DH was tall and skinny???
I used to make my own vegies, in the beginning I would make one at a time and introduce them slowly. Always looking for a reaction or allergies.
I used to make up sweet potato (DS never liked pumpkin and still doesn't) and freeze them in an ice cube tray, that way tiny portions were available to defrost.
Annika a bit cranky atm, wants hugs so I will chat more later.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life


I'm a March Mummy too, my son Max was born on the 16th and I can't believe he is now 5 months old - the time has just gone by so quickly and I'm starting to get my head around feeding him solids!

I really struggled to adapt to being a stay at home mum and I cried just about every week for the first 4 months of Max's life....I've only just gotten used to him and everything I have to do - and I do love it!!!!

I don't get online very often, but this is such a wealth of information, it has helped reading what other mums are going through and the solutions other mums offer - which are great.

hi my names Belinda,and my bubs was born on the 9th of march his name is Ashton.i have a dd 8 and ds who is 12.its funny having a baby in the house again after so many years.but its great i love the age gap.
Morning, Austin spent 5hrs with nan and pop last night, while me and dp went to dinner with friends then out for a lil bit.He was great for them and nan and pop went well. Its been a long time since we have gone out, it was great.
This Thursday the nurse is at our chemist down town so i'm off to get him weighed, i can't wait.
Still no teeth for Austin, but his been a bit grizzly and giving his fingers a good chew.He loves his teething ring we got him.
Right now he is laying on his mat sticking his tongue out blowing bubbles, his excited about it.
Bye for now Leah.
Hi Belinda,
Im Danielle and Liam was born on the 7th March,
after I started on the 5th, 46 hours later he decided
to join us!!! I love the name Ashton we always had
Archer picked for a boy as my DH does archery
but when it came down to it he said no. So he had
no name for about 10 hours. I should have just said to them
his name is Archer. Maybe the next one if thats a boy!!!

hi Danielle,
my eledest sons name is Jorin,and my daughters name is Jade.
my first son was an 8 hour labour and my dd was 2 hour.but Ashton was 17 hours they say the more children you have the quicker it should be.
have you just got Liam i love that name,three is it for me as im getting to old lol.
Hey Bindy,
I love the name that we gave him took a few hours
but it grew on me. We only really had girls names picked
maybe we can use them if we have a girl.
I reckon we will have another boy which I dont mind,
I dont think I could see myself with a girl now???
I know sounds silly hey??

Hi Girls
Welcome to the newbies.
Im Fiona and I have 2 boys Reece 15 and Isaac 5 1/2 months.
Isaac has started eating vegies now. He wasnt keen at first but loves them now. He is growing so quick. Still no teeth but they wont be far off. He now slides backwards on the floor which is so cute. He gets up on his knees and rocks then nose dives onto the floor. Has hurt himself a few times (we have tiles). He is going well at child care so far. I still hate leaving him though sad
Looking forward to hubbys first Fathers Day.
Hope you are all well.
Chat soon xx

Hi everyone,

I've posted here before but it was awhile ago. My DS is now just 5 months, he has his 2 bottom teeth-since 3mths- and now his 2 top teeth have just cut threw, they were a NIGHTMARE. He was winging with them for about 2 weeks which is very out of the ordinary for him cause he's usually a very happy baby. But now that they're threw we're hoping he'll be back to his old self. I weighed him on our scales at home and he's about 7.2kg, not sure how long but he's in 00 clothes now.
DD is still enjoying having him around, I think even more so now because he's rolling both ways so she thinks he's interacting with her more, its SOOOOO sweet.
DS is still sleeping pretty good, he's normally down around 7.30pm then up for a b/f at 3ish down til 6ish quick feed then up at 7-8, not too bad.
I've tried him on farex a few times but he doesn't seem that interested so I have to keep persisting with it, I was going to try adding mashed pear with it, the apple was a bit tangy for him.

Anyway I've taken up enough space, chat later.

Cassy n Matty

Hi all

How is every one today? Well I went and got cooper weighted today and he is a whooping 16pounds 6oz I can't beleive how big he is now, he will be 5months on thursday, it has gone so fast. Well he is now sitting almost on his own, he can balance for a bit and then loses balance and crashes. We are off on holidays to Ballina for the first time in Septemeber since he was born. I can only imagine the amount on stuff we have to take, luckly we have a 4wd. I have to find something special to wear on thursday as we are going to have pixie photos taken. Oh by the way I think we might be cutting our first tooth.

What age did every one start giving vegies to their bubs as I am a little confused, I have started farex but not vegies and the clinic nurse said I shouldn't be feeding him anything except breastmilk.

Anyway better go talk soon[/img][/url]

Hi coops mum,
dont believe everything the health nurse says because
we went to the pd and he told me to feed Liam up he
weighs 5690gm he's not 6 months til the 7th sept.
if he watches you eat he's ready to eat..
just feed him i would i give liam milk, farex, fruit
he loves it. his poo will be pretty stinky but its worth
Good luck and have a nice holiday you lucky duck,,

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