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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hey naomi thanks for the tip. I know about the fried brain so i hold no grudges lol smile. I think i will go the bumper but in the mean time will try your tip and weave a cotton wrap, good idea!! At night when it cools down i can tuck him in tight but he usually still manages to kick them off.
Liamsmamma you go girl smile definately wont hurt. Do ya reckon hubby will go for it?

Hey tassie mum, isaac was born on the 14th too!! 6lb 13, close to your bub. Xander is a gorgeous name. Isaac rolls onto his tummy but has forgotten how to roll back so he just screams when hes had enough hehe.

I got the job i went for, I start on tuesday. But i will still try to log on as much as i can to keep up to date with everyone.
We checked out the child care centre yesterday and its all great, the girls are lovely. I think isaac will love it, he couldnt take his eyes off the little kids and he was giggling, it was just gorgeous. I will still be sad to be leaving him tho.
Ok sorry for the long post.
Have a great weekend girls xx

hi fi76,
i asked DH last night he said we could start next year so its not that really that long to wait. im sure liam will
keep me occupied til then...
good on ya about the job i would love to go back to
work but i love staying at home with liam to much.
Also welcome Tassie mum thats where my DH is at the moment
working for another 4 weeks and 5 days...

It's freezing down here at the moment, rained and flooded last week, but this week it's clear and sunny which means frosts.
Xander goes to childcare 1 day a week and absolutely loves it, and is so tired when he gets home. Isaac will be fine, but you'll be lonely.

Hey Tassie Mum, What part of Tassie you from?
I'm from Hobart, Grew up on Bruny Island though.
I'm glad the weather down here has cleared up a bit. Spring is on it's way I think.
hi everyone

it has been ages. we are trying to find somewhere to move to since where we are renting has been sold to an owner occupier. well best go natalie has just filled her nappy and she hates dirty nappies.

hope everyone is doing well.


Hi Girls

How is every one today? Well I tried Cooper on Farex the other night and he loved it so in the mornings now I have to give him his first other wise he tries to eat mine. Well we have had another trip to the doctors, I feel as though we live there and are constantly giving them money, How dear is it to go now they must be raking it in. Any way Cooper has had a little wheeze on his chest, the doc checked him over and she said he has a fat happy wheeze little chubbers get it. But she sent us for an x-ray just in case and it came back all clear thank goodness. getting Cooper to sit still for the x-ray was very interesting but I managed. Sorry to drag on but it is a very boring day it has been cold and wet all day.

Well better go and put tea on have a good one everyone[/img][/url]

Hi Mezz adara, good to hear from you.
We're up north, in Launceston. I'm originally from Bridport. Yay spring, can't wait. Sick of putting layer upon layer on Xander, by end of summer I'll probably say I'm sick of covering him with sunscreen.
Cute photo!

Hi ladies, lil Austin now 5mths and yesterday he mastered the roll from back to tummy. yay, iwas so excited i missed it but i found him head held high laying on his tummy squeeling.Well i guess he will be rolling every where now as he can when he wants to roll from his tummy to his back. "yay i've seen lots a those ones." Well i still havent booked him in yet to be weighed so i best do it this week, takes them a month to get you in.He is getting so big now my lil piglet. I'm so sure he is saying mum. He will lay there and go "MUM MUM MUM then have a lil squeel or cry" Its so clear, he stayed with his nan and pop for a few hours and they heard it to.So its not just me and dp hearing things.
His doing great of a night now again! waking for a feed around 10ishpm then around 3isham.He is bottle fed now. I gave him a b/f saturday night round 3am that was his last feed. Sunday night round 10pm he had a lil comfort feed as i was a bit full.I'm a bit sad but also excited my boobs will be mine again.after 4 and half years on and off.( Tyler 4.5yrs b/f for 2.5yrs, Dylan b/f for 5mths, Austin b/f 5mths.) Thanks for listening. Bye for now.
All take care. Leah

Morning Ladies, Well our health clinics are so far behind i cant get in for his 5mth checkup this month. There next available appointment is in october!!!!!!!He'll be 7mths. I wanta know how much he weighs now...
Any way we all good.Lil Austin will be at daycare to day while i'm at work, and i hand in my first assessment task for tafe today as well.Ok bye better get the boys and me ready for the day.
Take Care.Leah
Hi March mummies

How is everyone? Just a quick update on Isaac. I took him to docs yesterday as he has a cold and a very nasty cough to go with it. Doc thoroughly checked him over, lovely man. Just a cold at this stage but with the flu virus going around i will certainly be keeping a close eye on him.
We had him weighed and he is now 7.8kg and 70cm. So his appetite is still good lol.
He is wanting to chew everything thing in sight and then cries so i think he may be teething. Will keep you posted on that.
We got a new computer yesterday. Its a nice quick 1. We also got webcam so now Isaac can interact with all the fam coz we got them all to get 1 too. And Reece has 1 too so im looking forward to seeing them all tonight smile
Hope you and your bubs are all well.
Chat soon xx

wow Fi you have been busy lol. how's the new job going?
Well I went up to Maitland Hospital this morning with mum. They have a lovely gift shop up there where these older ladies make gowns and clothes etc. I went with the intention of buying Annika a christening gown, I saw one in the window and both mum and I said that's the one! It's gorgeous!! Handmade beautiful satin with lovely embroidery. It also has a bonnet and shoes too. Turns out these are the same ladies that made my son's christening outfit.
Not much happening, Annika chews her dummy on the side of her mouth atm, 2 white stripes down the bottom, but they could still be a couple of months away.
Trying to sit, but still top heavy lol.
Hope everyone and their bubs are well.
Off to finish the christening invites while both are asleep.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi all
I have been browsing the site for a while now and never realized there was a forum...DOH!
Anyway I had my 4th child in March too. A beautiful baby boy Billy...He is baby brother to 10 y/o Courtney, 8y/o Luke and 5 y/o Chelsea. After 3 very easy and uneventful pregnancys and 3 very straight foward labours, 4th time around was completely different having 2 hospital stays in the 3rd trimester with an emergency ceaser to follow at 34 weeks.
Anyway I have lots of reading of posts to do to try to catch up a bit.

Courtney, Luke, Chelsea & Billy

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