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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
Gee wizz!! My ds only weighs 5375gm and he is 64cm.Hes just like his dad long and skinny!!!!
What has everone been up to?
I just got back from the olds place. went up on thurs ment to say til tue but dh rang ( he is in syd working) saying
i have to pick him up from the airport tomorrow as he started in Tasmania working on the 11th, then he flew to syd on fri
working there for the weekend, then back to melb tomorrow,
then back to Tas on wed for 6 weeks so it will b good to see him even though its not for long. oh well better go. is anyone on??? If u wanna chat.

Hi Ladies, my name is Manda and I am a newbie to this forum. I have a beautiful little boy called Oliver born on the 29th of March. I am married to a wonderful man called Ian and we live in a country town in s/w NSW called Young. I am so excited about being a mum.
How did you guys get your tickers to show?


Danielle i cant believe how big Isaac is!! Does anyone else have a big bub?? He is in proportion though, doesnt look like a rolly-polly hehe.
He is not sleeping as much as he used to. Not sure whether its the heat up here or he just wants to play more. Maybe a bit of both. For the last 2 nights he has slept through from 7pm till 6am then will lay in bed with me till 8am. Though i doubt that will last long lol.

Hi Manda welcome to the thread smile Oliver is a gorgeous name. How is he doing and how are you enjoying motherhood? My best friend has good friends that live in Young. Ive just moved from NSW to Katherine NT. We have been here for about 3 weeks.

Hello Lilly-marie and all march mummies. I'm from Port Macquarie and my DS#3 was born 17.03.07.
DS#2 2yrs old.
DS#1 4.5yrs old.
Lil Austin is getting cranky cause he cant move.His trying so hard to sit up.And when he lays on his back,he is arching up.pushing his legs.Hasnt rolled over yet from his back to tummy. But can roll from tummy to back.
He has a jar of heinz baby food a day.and some rice cereal in the morning.Still breastfed and has 1 -2 bottles of Heinz formula a day...
All my boys and me are over a cold we had.Thankfully.
Bye 4 now.Leah...
Hiya girls,
Sorry it has been a while since my last post, I have been chasing my tail lol. We had our new bedroom suite delivered on the weekend, so I have been busy, sorting clothes, moving furniture, washing plaus all the other jobs and be mummy
Great news!!! Annika rolled, yay it was last Saturday. DH was so happy because he got to see the first one too (he missed Dominik's) Dominik got all excited too.
I plan on taking both kids to the MCHN soon, get them weighed etc. Annika has been trying to pull herself forward in the carseat but I cant turn it around until she is 8kg.
Take care chat soon.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi Naomi,
Wow sounds like you have been busy!!!
Cant believe Annika has rolled already pretty exciting
for you.
Liam hasnt yet but he arches his back and turns his head
so it wont be long.
DH will miss it. He's back for a couple of days, back to tassie tomorrow!
It was good to see him even though its only for 2 days. Back to normal just after i was getting used of not having him here.
Oh well better go and i'll catch u soon!!!!

Hi March mummies,

I'm Kate, single mummy to Jaxon who was born March 1st, 2007 weighing an amazing 9lb 11oz...and from my dates was at least two weeks overdue, but he's my beautiful bundle of love.

He currently weighs a whopping 11lb 5oz and is almost 70cm! He's a big boy but oh so wonderful. He's being lazy and isn't rolling over yet but I figure he'll do it in his own time.

Would love to hear from more March mum's and single mothers!

Kate smile

DS 1.3.07

Hello Ladies. I didnt get much sleep last night.From 7pm Austin was up and down all night just cranky.He wasnt feeling hot and not sick.And he didnt seem to want to have a feed.Just a cuddle.The last time he woke it was around 4am. He is still sleeping now at 7:12am. But i had to wake up at 5am for the other 2 boys.(4.5yrs & 2 yrs.) So i'm guessing i'm going to be a bit tired today.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
Chat later.Leah.....
WOW I can't believe it has been over a week since I was on here. I guess you loose track of time when your sick and worried the kids will get sick too. I come down with gastro on monday and it took me until wed/thurs to feel better. I am so glad I had my mum to help look after the kids for me. Natalie has learned to roll from back to tummy now too. She is also starting to learn forward in the rocker to sit up so I won't be able to leave her in that too much longer. She is laughing at me now and talking away. It is soo cute.

I have moved Helen up into the big bed so that I can move Natalie into the cot. I am just leaving it a few days so that Helen doesn't think I just put her in the big bed to give her cot to Natalie.

Well best go Natalie needs a feed. Will chat again soon.


oops we fell onto page 2!
I haven't been on for a bit, been having troubles with my keyboard grrr. Hopefully all better now.
Annika has been rolling heaps, still a gurgler and screamer, hehe.
I gave her some farax for the first time last night, she had started feeding for like an hour before bed, then waking around 2am, so I thought I would give it a go. She has also been avidly watching others eat and trying to reach for it. At first the look of digust on her face made me falter but then she started sucking on the spoon, so she had about 2 small teaspoons, then had a quick feed and slept from 9.30pm until 6.30am this morning.
We are off to the MCHN tomorrow, I will get them to give her her 2nd rota virus medicine then. I want to see how much she weighs etc too.
We think she has also been growth spurting, she is now in 00 rompers (not bonds they are 0) and some of her 000 pants are getting too short now too.
I pulled out Dominik's old 00 clothes on the weekend, talk about a trip to memory lane. There are a few things in there that Annika can wear in public that people will still know she is a girl lol. Other things she can wear at home.
Both the kids have a cold, Dominik is worse, Annika just sneezes a bit and has a blocked nose, funny though she laughs at herself when she sneezes.
Better go, more chores to be done.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi All

Guess what Cooper rolled over from back to belly on Friday night, we were lucky enough to have had the video camera out and caught his first roll on camera, we were soo excited that we called grandparents and aunty and uncles. He thought he was soo clever and now we can't stop him every chance he gets he rolls over and smiles and has a good old giggle at himself. We havent been able to roll back yet and get very frustrated so we roll him back over and what does he do roll straight back. Cooper is finally getting over his cold he had to have antibiotice to help him though, it seems to be every where at the moment, soo many babies are getting sick it is very scary. I have been that worried that I have just been staying at home and not going anywhere as I am scared of him getting really sick. Any way better go

Chat later[/img][/url]

oh im still waiting for Liam to roll oh well guess he will in his own time!!! What date was cooper born? liam's mate ryan does but liam is getting his two bottom teeth and he's not so i guess that they are even. i dont want ds to grow up toooo soon though i want him to stay this age for a while yet!!!
ds has a cold too its not too bad its only like a cough at night time and in the morning just a bit of a snooty nose. i could have been a lot badder i suppose. better go and feed the little one good to talk to you coop's mum.

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