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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

HI Joyleen,
Thanks, I was taking her to a chiro but stopped about 4 weeks ago as it just didn't seem to be working anymore. having said that, she is getting bad even though she is now on meds, I think that it may be time to try again.

My busy house

Hey just wanted to say that my beautiful girl was born on 23rd and she was 4 weeks early all was fine.......
Cody was born at 11.16pm 31st March 2007 at the Mater Mothers by c-section. Weighed 4550g(9pound 13ounces), 56cm long at birth. He is now 7.6kg and one healthy 4 month old baby boy!

Hey just wanted to say that my beautiful girl was born on 23rd and she was 4 weeks early all was fine......

Hi Bri, My bub was born 7 weeks early. Did She have to stay in hospital at all?

I think Lu might be teething as has been really cranky and drooly and has a tiny tiny white hard spot on his top gum. Poor man will probably take months to come through.

Glad to hear Annika is ok too Naomi. Has she had her needles yet?

Hope all is well in other mummy's houses.
Hello to all the March'07 Mummys!
I gave birth to our second child, a daughter named LILAH GRACE on the 11th of March 2007.
She is perfect in every way! Her big brother, Xander (2.5yrs) just loves her to bits!
Morning Ladies!!!<

Yeah things are good at my place DS is only waking once a night 4 a feed. Its weird he only feeds for about 20 minutes
is that normal?? I was getting worried. I guess now he is getting bIgGeR he can suck better I dont know that is my thought and im sticking to it!

Liam has got two bottom teeth but they arnt out yet you can feel them on the surface feels all scratchy so he has been cranky too!!!

Hi mezz_adara, Everything was fine with Louise. The only thing they said might be wrong was her sucking, but as soon as I cuddled her for the first time she was looking for the boob.......She a little fatty
Thanks for asking!!! how was your little one????Is it your first?
Hi everyone.

We are all doing well. Natalie has started rolling tummy to back this last week. She is starting to be a little stronger and I am not so worried about Helen hurting her now. The other day Natalie was grizzeling and when Helen walked up she stopped grizzling and when Helen walked away she started again. I think she just wanted to play with Helen, it was soooo cute.

Well I had better go now. Take care.


just wondering how do you get lilypie as your signature to work.

I did a massive reply earlier then when I hit post, my dodgy modem caked it and i lost it grrrr.
Danielle, when my DS was this age he was a professional 5 minute feeder, full off one side! Their sucking reflex has improved so much now they need less time to suckle. Annika varies, sometimes 20mins sometimes 5mins, it can depend on their growth spurts too. Because it's a neverending supply, regardless of how deflated we feel lol they will stop when they are full. But if you are concerned just give the breat feeding association a call.

Annika still isn't rolling. DH and I spent some quality time with her on the floor. Encouraging her, she arches and lifts her back leg, but gets stuck! But she can sit now, for a few precious seconds.
She is still in 000, doesn't seem to be growing as rapidly as Dominik did.
We got her needles last week, yay. I will have to go back next week and get her 2nd dose of rota virus.
All for now, as you all know, I could go on forever hehe.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi Bri, glad to hear everything was good. Luka was fine too. He spent the night in the humidicrib but came out the next day and was straight into the special care nursery. He thrived from the start, started sucking three weeks before he was supposed to!! He was 1515 grams at birth (3lb3oz) now weigh 5.65 kilos. He puts on a kilo a month!!!
We did kanga cuddling for two days and he just found the boob and hasn't really detached since. He's a fatty too now.
He's my first bub, loving being his mum. Great little character.
Do you call Louise Lou? I call Luka Lu.
HellO NaomI,
Great to hear from you!! My internet was playing up so i couldnt get on for 3 days had real bad withdrawls from not being on here!!!
Liam"s not rolling yet eather, his friend Ryan is he is 5 days younger than Liam. DS sort of arches his back, turns his head so i guess he's trying too. Oh well all babies are different!!!

DH always tells me to stop compearing him to all the other kids!!! DS is in 000 for some things and 00 for others.
I guess it depends what brand of clothes you get.

Better go and get DS to sleep, he just had a feed. I wont be on til Tuesday arvo cause were off to Bendigo for some rest
( yeah right!!) so i will talk when i get back!!! Catch ya.
Sorry for the long post!!!

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